Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later…

    The nice, open and popular DiabloWiki.net just had it’s first major attack of the spambots. Over the last few days a torrent of spam accounts and spam posts were made in sections of the wiki most people would not even notice. After plugging the hole with some ReCaptcha protection (thanks Rush!) and painstakingly banning every single offender and deleting every single spam entry, it’s now nice and clean again.

    Massive thanks to Zukker who was the first to bring this to our attention!

    The main reason for this news item, however, is just to point out that in the massive amount of bannings and deletions I want to make sure we did not remove any legit material. I took all precaution I could, but just to be safe, could you fellow community members who have helped others by editing the wiki at any point please check so that you have full access, and that your edits are still there?

    With any luck the ReCaptcha protection will make sure the Diablo community does not get another attack like this again.

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