HotS: Leoric’s Gothic Waller Skill

Leoric brings the Cemetery Gates.

Leoric brings the Cemetery Gates.

I’m sure you guys are as sick as I am of all the Diablo 3 news coming from Heroes of the Storm, so hopefully this is the last one for a while. That said, E3 brought news that Leoric is the next playable Diablo figure in HotS, and Blizzard released short videos showing off all of his skills.

There are some cool effects, with Leoric doing ghostly life drain stuff as well as his big three-swing Cleave attack… but the best one (visually, at least) is his Waller-style skill called “Entomb.” It works just like Waller does in Diablo 3, creating a three wall cage around the fleeing target with Leoric waiting at the open end.

The best part is the gothic cemetery fence graphic of the wall, which looks awesome even as the demonstration video shows Leoric using it on some cheesy drobot thing that looks weirdly like one of Torchlight’s mechanical golems. I guess it’s a WoW thing? Shameful.

Anyway, here’s a video that compiles all of Leoric’s skills. Entomb is shown at 30 seconds and yes, it should have a better name, since there’s no tomb in sight. Gater? Fencer? Cemetery Gates?

Here’s where we all start lobbying for Leoric to gain this ability in D3. Or for some monster to get a Waller that looks like a rusting cemetery fence. Because classy!

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  1. What the hell is so “shameful” about the golem robot thing? (FTR it’s name is Gazlowe.) For one thing, I don’t know what’s particularly not to like. For another thing, you not liking it has no bearing on whether it’s “shameful.”

    • It’s a silly looking robot thing that, I thought, stood out as badly out of place in the gothic level and character design.

      Comical bouncing robots can be fine in some settings; I think the lookalike Torchlight golems are fine in that game’s setting, but this one looked ridic next to Leoric and his gothic cemetery gate spell.

  2. i had a lot of fun playing hots but it was short lived. when i got into the beta i played the hell out of it for 2 solid months but then one day i just never felt like touching it again. i wish all this diablo love was around when i was playing. seeing it all almost makes me want to go back to it

  3. HotS includes Diablo heroes and with the Eternal Conflict event these next few months there’s bound to be more Diablo content incoming. There’s nothing wrong with news like that in here, I was actually expecting you guys to cover it, at least for the Diablo stuff.

    Some of us here are interested in these, Diablo content even more.

    • I think some of it is fine, but as the actual diablo 3 news has been very slow of late, it’s getting a little annoying having a constant stream of Diablo content in some other game. I wouldn’t mind if we had both!

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