Hotfixes: Monster Power and Xah’rith Hotfixed

The promised hotfixes went live this morning, and monster hit point scaling on Inferno with DiabloWikiMonster Power has been reduced. The devs even made some quick changes to the Act Three Keywarden so many players have been menaced by.

The scaling bonus to monster damage in Inferno difficulty has been reduced by approximately 25% for all Monster Power levels.

  • MP1: 109.60% (down from 114%)
  • MP2: 120.12% (down from 130%)
  • MP3: 131.65% (down from 148%)
  • MP4: 144.29% (down from 169%)
  • MP5: 158.14% (down from 193%)
  • MP6: 173.32% (down from 220%)
  • MP7: 189.96% (down from 250%)
  • MP8: 208.20% (down from 285%)
  • MP9: 228.18% (down from 325%)
  • MP10: 250.09% (down from 371%)
  • The following changes have been made to DiabloWikiXah’rith the Keywarden:
  • He can no longer spawn with the Illusionist or Fast affix.
  • The damage dealt by a number of his abilities has been reduced .
  • The movement speed reduction applied by his Cold attacks has been reduced.
  • His size has been slightly reduced.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a server crash that could occur if a player transitioned between Acts while a “goatman” monster was drumming.

Useful changes, and nice to see the fast response time on the Xah’Right OP issues so many players had brought up. The infographic below can be seen in the DiabloWikiMonster Power wiki article, and it’s been updated to show the reduced monster damage output figures.

Monster Power on Inferno. Updated with new figures.


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  1. interesting use of the word “hit point”, which usually means health…… as in HP. Unless im wrong and they scaled the monsters’ health too?

  2. Whoever made that chart truncated the new values instead of rounding them properly.

  3. Minor tweakage to hit points. Not so much a nerf, more a balance.

  4. It seems they also fixed the bug where the public game quest selection used to always say that 0 people were playing each quest. That or people are actually playing public games now.

    • Really? I find no reason to play public games now since only mp0 is available.
      Either solo or friends invite.
      Public = dead to me.

  5. I’ve found the Act 4 keywarden to be far more difficult than the Act 3 one. Act 3 I could get him to a staircase and use it to keep his illusions tightly packed making it easier to deal with him. Now that he doesn’t have illusions I am sure I can encounter him anywhere and deal with him.

    The Act 4 keywarden has a fear, charge, jailer, and a burst of fire that doesn’t care if you’ve left it, you are still taking 50,000+ damage with 70% resist and armor reduction.

  6. Interesting, I’ll wait for the patch that removes AH, though.

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