The bug that enabled Death’s Bargain to create infinite healing has been fixed, and the item is now functional (and useless) again.

    Hotfixes: Death’s Bargain Returns:



  • Fixing an issue where the Greater Rift timer will occasionally start with less than 15 minutes remaining (5/4)
  • Fixing an issue where the Spectral Hound pet will despawn upon character death (5/4)
  • Infinite shield exploit.

    Infinite shield exploit.


  • The legendary affix for the item Death’s Bargain has been re-enabled (5/4)
  • Fixing an issue where the 6-piece bonus from Zunimassa’s Haunt is overwritten when more than one Witch Doctor applies the effect to the same enemy (5/4)
  • Fixing an issue where some players are not able to access their BlizzCon 2014 transmogrification appearances (5/4)
  • Fixing an issue where the combination of Rogar’s Huge Stone and Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard would occasionally cause the game to crash (5/4)
  • Monsters

  • Reduced the number of targets that the Gelatinous Sire can split into in multiplayer games (5/4)
  • Gelatinous Sire spawns will now have a small moment of invulnerability when they initially split (5/4)
  • There’s additional Bliz explanation about the Death’s Bargain exploit and how people who abused it were dealt with (rollbacks). Click through for those details.

    This issue has been resolved. We know a lot of you have questions about this resolution, so we’d like to provide a quick summary and some additional insight.

    Once the unintended interactions between Death’s Bargain, Rogar’s Huge Stone, and Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard were discovered, we set straight to work on a hotfix to resolve the issues they caused. However, we knew this hotfix might take some time and some of the nastier repercussions of this bug included game crashes and decreases in game performance.

    As an interim solution, we temporarily disabled the Legendary affix on Death’s Bargain until we could complete testing and deploy a proper fix. This hotfix is now live as of May 5, 2015, and we have reactivated Death’s Bargain’s power so that it is once more available for use.

    In addition, we agree that players should remain on a level playing field throughout the Season and have reviewed the leaderboards, removing any individuals who were found to be using this particular arrangement to obtain unusually high rankings. As in the past, we opted to action accounts on a case-by-case basis. This issue was identified and disabled quickly and, as a result, very few individuals were found to have taken advantage of this situation.

    Thank you to everyone who made time to report this issue to us. We love that the vast majority of our fans opt to Play Nice, Play Fair, and we will continue to monitor and maintain the fair and fun gameplay experience you’ve come to expect.

    As the Blue said, not a lot of players were able to abuse the trick before it was hotfixed off, so not a huge upset to the ladders, and individually pinching the people who had jumped up with the trick seems a fair solution. I wondered if this might push Bliz to make some tweak to the Death’s Bargain pants, which aren’t useful in the current game, barring some crazy bug damage stacking trick. Maybe next patch? Not that there’s a huge demand for new powerful legendary pants, with every set already holding one item in that slot.

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