Deaths-bargain-nut1In the “it’s always something” file, tonight a bug/exploit courtesy of some legendary pants that everyone thought sucked has surfaced and been disabled. Hotfixes: Death’s Bargain Disabled.

    We’ve recently become aware of an unintended interaction that occurs when Death’s Bargain is used in combination with a specific set of items and abilities. In addition to causing server instability, this combination could also be leveraged to gain significant progression in higher level Greater Rifts (that wouldn’t otherwise be possible). To help mitigate these effects, we have disabled the Legendary affix for Death’s Bargain until further notice.

    Note that this is a temporary measure and we are working on an additional hotfix to address the underlying issues. While we don’t have an ETA for this fix to share at this time, we will provide updates as they become available.

    The trick worked since Death’s Bargain turned your regen into damage, but didn’t let it heal you. So a player needed to die and trigger their cheat death passive (which worked by providing a ton of Life Per Second) while wearing Death’s Bargain and Rogar’s Huge Stone, which boosted LpH by a larger amount when you had fewer hit points. Thus a character could exist with essentially negative hit points, but not dead, and with all the intended regen turning into a damage aura via Death’s Bargain, creating kazillions of points of damage. Literally. A couple of shots of the exploit in action:

    There are a few other upcoming hotfixes regarding legendary items and Greater Rift timers as well. Click through for the full list:



  • Fixing an issue where the Spectral Hound pet will despawn upon character death
  • Fixing an issue where the Greater Rift timer will occasionally start with less than 15 minutes remaining
  • Items

  • Fixing an issue where the combination of Rogar’s Huge Stone and Molten Wildebeast’s Gizzard would occasionally cause the game to crash
  • Fixing an issue where the 6-piece bonus from Zunimassa’s Haunt is overwritten when more than one Witch Doctor applies the effect to the same enemy
  • Monsters

  • Reduced the number of targets that the Gelatinous Sire can split into in multiplayer games
  • Gelatinous Sire spawns will now have a small moment of invulnerability when they initially split


  • The legendary affix for the item Death’s Bargain has been temporarily disabled. (4/28)
  • Finally, a reason for someone to wear Death’s Bargain… so of course it’s nerfed out immediately. Thanks, JAY!

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