reaper of souls hotfixesSeason One’s rush to level was tainted by Bounty exploits that let players hit 70 in under two hours. Blizzard fixed those bounty tricks during Season One and fixed other potential exploits in recent weeks. Even more fixes came in as recently as this morning, according to the newest Hotfixes update.

    Hot Fixes: Removing Reaper of Souls Exp Exploits.


  • Gold and experience gained upon subsequent completions of a number of quests, including “The Broken Blade,” has been significantly reduced. Gold and experience gained on first completion will remain unchanged.
  • The fixes seem to have worked. Posting this around 5 hours after Season Two started on the US Server, the highest characters are around 60, even on Softcore. People were were P200 by now in S1, thanks to the Bounty exploits, so obviously S2 isn’t failing in the same way that S1 did. Instead, everyone is eagerly churning towards 70, when the massive gear upgrades means an instant leap up in performance and leveling speed.

    It’s always fun when you first hit 70 on a fresh account, and go from Paragon 1 to Paragon 15 in about the same time that you spent to go from 69-70. (And see your character’s power increase tremendously with the level 70 gear raining down.)

    How are you guys rushing the S2 ladder doing? Enjoying the slower pace to 70 since it’s legit and everyone is in the same boat? Or would you just click the “instant level 70” button if you had one?

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