Hotfix for Wizard’s Critical Mass

Blizzard have announced yet another hotfix, this time it affects the Wizard. This is in addition to the much longer list Nizaris reported on yesterday.


Critical Mass (Passive)

Fixed an issue with certain powers that had a higher than intended chance to trigger Critical Mass

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  1. If you were wondering, this is to fix this exploit: SPOILER
    Critical Mass passive allowed to kill act 4 boss in 3 minutes without getting hurt 

    • I’m currently using critical mass in a similar way with diamond skin, but I’m not even close to get it to trigger this fast, even though I sometimes can use diamond skin right after it ends. So I guess the abilities I’m using is not effected by this change. 

      • It was mainly magic weapon with venom weapon that caused bugged amounts of crits I believe. People used shock pulse with living lightning as well for more hits per second.

        Another good fix obviously. It’s not right to get a full cooldown reset with a single cast at 15% crit chance when the passive reduces cooldowns by 1 sec per crit. 

  2. Blizz QA sure seems pretty bad, but as someone who’s worked in software QA for years, I can say that’s to be expected.

  3. wish I found a exploit before anyone else for once :p
    what about the socketed 1200 dps weapons with +critical damage gem, and lots of crit items, plowing through inferno like butter? is that intended 🙂

    • ^ I would say that is kind of intended as you got a ton of Crit, damage + crit damage, unless something in the crit calculations is broken.

  4. I am waiting on another hot fix for something that seems to good to be true. At least to me anyway!

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