Over the last weeks of Winter Holidays, we’ve had a greater number of contributors than in a long while before, and a lot of small updates have been made on the Diablo 3 Wiki as well as the Diablo 2 Wiki. This is in addition to the contributions that Flux added about a week ago in the Jay Wilson @ 1UP interview updates.

    Some of the new contributors have also shown an exceptional interest in the wiki, and it will be interesting to see if me or Flux might get toppled in wiki contributions during 2009!

    The general Diablo wiki have seen the following major updates:

    Everyone know that Christmas brings out nostalgia in great heaps, and lots of Diablo players have revisited Diablo 2, as well as the Diablo 2 Wiki! This is a short list of the more substantial updates over the Holidays:

    Huge thanks to RTB, D3nick, Belushi81x, ZSiegfried, Dragonhelmuk, Vipermagi, Drakk, HolyOwner, Widus, Mizantrop, Scudstorm, Nithix, Chen, Stardrowned, Elmer92413, Metalhatchet, Kunzaito, Balololu10, Mmmpld, Frankyman and Netmoe! You’re creating Diablo history even before the next generation game is released!

    If you have any questions, suggestions or pointers about the DiabloWikis, drop a line on my talk page or send a mail to: !

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