Hipster LeahA Diablo III themed meme has caught fire recently featuring a hipster version of Leah saying a host of things the Diablo 3 community will get a chuckle from. Some of them are actually pretty funny, and I’m sure the community could think of a host of topics a hipster Leah might poke fun at. You can generate the meme over at memegenerator.

    Diablo 3 CM’s such as DiabloWikiKaivax, DiabloWikiDaxxarri, and DiabloWikiBashiok have caught on to the meme, posting some of their favorites on twitter. It seems that the image posted to the left is the most popular. Because it’s true.

    In semi-related comical Diablo III news (or facepalm worthy news, depending on your perspective), Kotaku has released a nice timeline that depicts the release continuum for Blizzard since its inception. It truly is hard to believe that it’s been 12 years since Diablo 2 was released, and the sequel has only just been given a release date. The gap, rivaled by Starcraft 2, pale in comparison to the healthy World of Warcraft release timeline. It’s something to be expected, but we can only hope to see the healthy continuation of the Diablo franchise in the coming years.

    On another note, those that have opted in to the year subscription of World of Warcraft to recieve Diablo III free or if you have pre-ordered the digital download, you can already download the game! However, you can’t install it or crack any of the information. It’ll make things a bit easier for you, though, come release day.

    In fact, as of this morning, players who sign up for the Annual Pass can pre-download the Diablo III game client by visiting Battle.net Account Management.

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