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Once into full on fast speed farming, many players only pick up item level 61 and higher rares, plus legendaries and sets and jewelry. Which are those item types, though? It can be hard to remember, especially for odd item types you don’t see all that often, but for which you might find a use, should you win the lottery (figuratively and literally) and get one with a great roll.

Thanks to a handy chart by InsaneAction, taken from this forum thread, here’s a handy list of all the ilvl 61-63 item types. Click to embiggen it, or refer to this wiki article that lists them all in text form.

Item types, ilvl 61-63. Take your pick.

Looking over them now… man there’s a lot of odd item names. Maybe I’m old, but they just do not stick in my head anymore. (Then again, even when I was young I sucked at learning foreign languages for the same reason; bad at memorization.) Even as many Inferno runs as I’ve done, some of them still surprise and amuse me when I see them, and as I wrote about some months ago, I still miss item types “mattering” and remember all of our excitement about Gear Sets back in 2011 when the info about them was first being released.

Finally… am I the only one who feels that some item types are VASTLY too common, compared to others? I’m not just talking about bad luck on legendaries (I’ve so far found 8 legendary Monk helms and 6 claws, and not a single DH cape/quiver/bow.) but total item quantity. I swear, I find 10 rare belts for every piece of rare jewelry, and my Barbarian would need a dozen torsos to wear all of the rare or legendary Barbarian class belts I find. Also… shields! God I find a lot of shields, which is notable since 1) none of them are any good, and 2) none of my characters would use them even if they were.

Tack this onto my D3X wishlist; some kind of unidentified rare item crafting recipe, where I could turn 3 or 5 or 10 unwanted rares into one of a good item type. I would cackle like a maniac in a bad slasher film if I could churn all those belts and shields and spears and other crap into rare rings or gloves or bracers. Kthxplz.

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22 thoughts on “High Level Item Type List

  1. i also miss item types ‘mattering’, as you put it. i was very disappointed the first time i identified a rare item, and i could no longer find what the base item was. granted, now all you need to do is look at the ilvl, and it exactly corresponds with the base item…. but other than ‘archon’, not a single one of the higher level item names stick with me, even a little.

  2. I don’t really even bother looking at names, it’s pretty much a habit to press ctrl when hovering an item to see if it’s 61+. It may not be as fast as remembering the names, but it gets the job done.

  3. It was also hard for me to memorize these new loot names at the first time i played it, too. So im surprised when some dude who were posting his games at youtube and he’s very familiar with the names, knowing it was about a month released. And ilvl 63’s back then were so rare. Comparing it with D2 days when you found a brown devil star you know its a high level mace = baranar’s star. Now in D3, you’ll just loot everything and know later XD Anyway, anything with an Archon prefix name is an ilvl 63, and i try to skip any 2-handers coz it dont have anything of value, since it will still be easily manhandled by a bad rolled Scorn.

  4. I agree with the game’s tendency to drop too many of a particular item type – I seem to be getting a whole bunch of magic/rare monk staves and helms more than anything else. Plus, the game seems to love to generate useless Mighty Weapons for me – I keep finding them with big bonuses to Int but never with a bonus to Str…and today I found one with over 400 Vit, but pretty much pointless without a bonus to Str (listed DPS wasn’t even that good either).

    I’m familiar with your craving for better jewelry drops (from the podcasts….) – I wish rare quivers would drop more often. I think my DH still has the same quiver from v.1.03 (or thereabouts).

    • Quivers are the same as 2handers, a mediocre dead man’s is better than any rare.
      Considering the fact that even a 18%+as 10%cc 8+ disc dead man’s is dirt cheap without a good skill bonus rares are not even worth picking up, a 1 in 1000 roll will still not worth over a few millions.

  5. “some kind of unidentified rare item crafting recipe, where I could turn 3 or 5 or 10 unwanted rares into one of a good item type”

    Yes please!

    Also wondering, is there such a thing as a good 2h monk weapon? Good meaning valued more than 5 million gold. I leave all Guru Staffs on the ground but pickup most everything else in this list.

  6. I’ve had them all memorized for a long time.. I must be that awesome. A more interesting discussion though, imo, is which one of these is actually worth picking up?

    • Refer to the thread I linked to in the post, since that’s what it’s about. Which are worth picking up, if any, etc. Opinions vary, and it largely depends on your needs and level/wealth/etc. And after all, it’s a game so do what you enjoy and have fun. Lately I’ve been picking up all the blues to salvage them to build up mats in case crafting becomes useful at some point. Could I just rush through and then spend the gold to buy mats in the GAH more cheaply? Probably. But I’m not playing to earn my living from the RMAH, so I do what gives me pleasure.

      Purely for profit over time, with a really powerful character, just slaughter and pick up rare jewelry, legendaries and whatever gold gets in your way. The chances of any other rare rolling in that 99.99% of quality range required to fit as top end gear with a big sale price is so low that it’s not worth the time it takes to ID them. Much less pick up and take back to town and sell off.

      • “whatever gold gets in your way”

        I love the wording there, it’s so true. It’s funny, before D3’s release, I always thought to myself that gold would be treated completely differently than in D2 since they were obviously turning gold into an actual currency rather than something you only worry about when you need to repair your enigma, or if you really enjoyed gambling.

        Whats funny though is that even though gold is a working currency, when i see it drop on the ground i have the exact same reaction as I did in D2. If it pops at my feet, great i’ll take it. If it pops 5 yards in front of me, sweet im headed that way anyway. If it pops 5 yards to the side.. ehhh… nah ill leave it.

    • Like Flux said, if you have your basic gear( as in the best you can get for roughly 30M ), only legendaries and rings/amus are worth picking up. Maybe gloves if you feel like it.

      For most other slots there is a legendary that’s better than everything else and is more common than even a decent rare. For these even the best rares are ridicoulously cheap, especially compared to the chance of getting them.

      Helm: Crit mempo(maybe zuni/tal)>all
      Shoulders: Vile ward>all
      Feet: Nats/zuni/maybe immortal king for the 5bonus
      Torso: Tal armor for int, immortal king for str, inna for monk, for dh imho a rare is bis with dex/vit/allres/armor/3sock/disc. Too bad the best rare dh cloaks still won’t sell for 10m 🙂
      Belt: witching hour/inna/immortal king
      Bracer: Lacuni>all
      Pants: here imho a rare is bis, mainstat/vita/allres/armor/2socket ones with 90% rolls are 50m
      Amu: tal for int, a non-int rare with 4 good rolls is>50m
      Quiver: dead man’s>all
      Shields: every single one is garbage right now
      Gloves: immortal king’s for str, but a perfec rare is bis for everyone, needs 4 great or 5 good rolls to not be utter junk
      WD/Wiz offhand: a truckload of sets and u

      2 hand: skorn>all, a rare could theoretically better but they are mythological at best
      2 hand ranged: manticore>all
      1 hand ranged: calamity>all
      1 hand main: echoing fury, chantodo, wd and monk could theoretically get perfect rares
      1 hand offhand: here rares with only 5 good rolls could be worth something

      There are some cases where rares can be almost or equally as good as a legendary, but for every decent rare roll there are 100 mediocre legendaries that are better.
      Long story short good rares are friggin RARE, not worth iding 1000 to find 1 that is worth 10m( or roughly 1000000000000000000 to find 1 worth 1B+ 🙂 ).

      • I disagree on Vile Ward > all rare shoulders. It’s pretty difficult to get a total of > 320 combined primary stat + vit on vile ward. Paid 10 million gold for a total of 338 combined int and vit / 55 all res / 5% life shoulders. I couldn’t come close to this in vile ward. Sure there is a loss of some res all and no extra armor or life regen though.

      • Actually BiS weapon for a WW barb is a Rare mac with 1200+ DPS, crit damage, socket, life steal. Echoing fury is really bad as a main hand weapon. If you didn’t know, sprint damage is based on main hand weapon damage and ticks based on the attak speed of the last weapon you hit with. This is why most barbs run with a slow main hand and a fast off-hand. Echoing fury is bad as a main hand as its damage (not DPS) is relatively low (also fear is really really annoying as a sprint nado barb).

  7. I personally pick up all jewelry and 63 weapons / armour. I don’t pick up any quivers or any 2-hand weapons also zero blues.

  8. Jewelry, gloves and 1-hand weapons. Pants sometimes as well. All other item slots has close to no value on AH since everyone wants legendary or sets on those spots.
    Picking up all rares is more or less waste of time. You are better off ignoring rare drops and focus on killing-speed to increase your legendary/set drop rate pr hour. When i was playing last night I was looking at the clock. Do I have time for one more run? Damn, its late and I need to get up early. Ok one more, just one. Witching hour dropped in Tower of the damned. That evening I did 10 runs or so. If I was a rare-collector I would only have time for maybe 7-8 runs and I would never get that belt. Did I miss any godly rares? Doubt it. 190 strength, 80 vit, 70 all res shoulders is worth nothing unless it’s a vile ward.

    • In my experience good rare pants are very cheap compared to what they give you, so even though they are the best items in the slot I don’t bother picking them up.

      I’ve got the one on the dh for 24m and I haven’t seen a better one on ah for weeks:
      Same with cloak. It was 14m but similar ones go for around 5m, just didn’t want to risk waiting for the proce to drop as it’s the best I’ve seen in over a month.

      Granted, both could have a much better roll on 1 affix. Still, any given time there are around 5 140/140 pants are one the ah and 2-3 pages of 4%+cc 170+ mainstat mempos. Mempos go for 300-2000m while pants are <50, go figure 🙂

  9. Maybe it’s just me but I pick up and ID all rares, mostly for curiosity’s sake. But then again, I don’t use the AH so my item finding mentality is more about finding something decent for myself than finding something that sells for hundreds of millions on the AH.

  10. i pick up all. the change they made to where lower levels can roll more really matters! I have at least 2 or 3 items that are 61, 62 that have better rolls than any 63 gear i have ever found. I also don’t play the AH at all so all that gear is worth money to me. It doesn’t take that long to ID and sell. I can do a town visit in less than a minute including ID’ing everything.

    As for feeling like i get the same drops? ya, belts especially. For me I have found 5 Andarial’s Visages.

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