Once into full on fast speed farming, many players only pick up item level 61 and higher rares, plus legendaries and sets and jewelry. Which are those item types, though? It can be hard to remember, especially for odd item types you don’t see all that often, but for which you might find a use, should you win the lottery (figuratively and literally) and get one with a great roll.

    Thanks to a handy chart by InsaneAction, taken from this forum thread, here’s a handy list of all the ilvl 61-63 item types. Click to embiggen it, or refer to this wiki article that lists them all in text form.

    Item types, ilvl 61-63. Take your pick.

    Looking over them now… man there’s a lot of odd item names. Maybe I’m old, but they just do not stick in my head anymore. (Then again, even when I was young I sucked at learning foreign languages for the same reason; bad at memorization.) Even as many Inferno runs as I’ve done, some of them still surprise and amuse me when I see them, and as I wrote about some months ago, I still miss item types “mattering” and remember all of our excitement about Gear Sets back in 2011 when the info about them was first being released.

    Finally… am I the only one who feels that some item types are VASTLY too common, compared to others? I’m not just talking about bad luck on legendaries (I’ve so far found 8 legendary Monk helms and 6 claws, and not a single DH cape/quiver/bow.) but total item quantity. I swear, I find 10 rare belts for every piece of rare jewelry, and my Barbarian would need a dozen torsos to wear all of the rare or legendary Barbarian class belts I find. Also… shields! God I find a lot of shields, which is notable since 1) none of them are any good, and 2) none of my characters would use them even if they were.

    Tack this onto my D3X wishlist; some kind of unidentified rare item crafting recipe, where I could turn 3 or 5 or 10 unwanted rares into one of a good item type. I would cackle like a maniac in a bad slasher film if I could churn all those belts and shields and spears and other crap into rare rings or gloves or bracers. Kthxplz.

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