New Korean investors are setting up a San Francisco studio to continue development on Hellgate: London and Mythos. It’s not known if they’ll be keeping the same crew (most of whom created the previous games in the Diablo series), and there’s no word yet from any of the Flagship founders, but it’s an interesting development in this ongoing saga.

    According to new job posting-related information, Asian publisher T3 Entertainment is setting up a San Francisco development studio to carry on work on Hellgate: London and Mythos, following developer Flagship’s recent layoffs.

    The postings, which have appeared on multiple sites including DICE.com and Gamasutra, reveal: “T3 Entertainment is searching for creative minds to passionately continue development of Hellgate: London and Mythos, along with other new games, which are being published by HanbitSoft Inc.”

    According to the call for programmers: “A development studio has been established in San Francisco, CA, with hopes of gathering those who wish to join us in starting a new chapter of history in the game industry.”

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