Heroes Rise: 60% Unlock – The Order

With time the 6th release came about and unlocked a two page excerpt from the new book called The Order by DiabloWikiNate Kenyon. Here is the first page.

Cain smelled something foul like rotten meat. Another room loomed through an archway before him, pitch black inside. He heard movement and a low, guttural snarl accompanied by the scraping of rock. Feeling exposed in the candlelight, he flattened himself against the wall and moved as quietly as a ghost to a corner between two bookcases.

The thing that emerged from the archway was so huge and incomprehensible that at first Cain had trouble processing the sight of it. It appeared to be made of human limbs and torsos all rolled together, along with a forest of jutting spikes of what looked like rock and timber. Two long arms ended in clubs rather than hands and sprouted the same shards of wood and stone. At least three separate heads grew from putrid, swollen flesh, white-filmed eyes rolling blindly in their sockets.

The monstrosity moved slowly and laboriously, and it had to duck to clear the arch, over ten feet off the floor. Its dripping shoulders nearly touched both sides of the opening as it leaned into the library, grunting with the effort. It seemed to have one main head in the center of its chest, and as it swung in Cain’s direction, those eyes fixed on his face.

The second page will be after the break.

The creature paused as if studying him. Then it opened its primary mouth and roared, the stench of its breath washing over Cain as the mouths of the other heads screeched in unison.

The candle flickered and nearly went out. Fresh panic rose up in Cain as the creature took a lumbering step toward him and threatened to knock over the table and send them into darkness. He slipped away from his hiding place and went for the door, but the monster moved with him and reached out a long clubbed limb as if to smash him into the floor.

Seems pretty obvious the monster described is an DiabloWikiUnburied. Perhaps it just wants a hug?

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    15 thoughts on “Heroes Rise: 60% Unlock – The Order

      • Are you being serious, or sarcastic?  As a fan of great classical writers, and modern masters like George RR Martin, I shudder every time I try to read Blizzard’s tie-ins.  They make it accessible on what would be considered a junior-high level, which seems to make sense, until you consider that it’s a Rated-M game.

    1. I visited the official page and saw it at 59%.  Instead of working, I decided to refresh constantly to check out the new reveal.  It went to 60% eventually, but the chained icon didn’t unlock.  A minute later it was back down to 59% and stayed that way for nearly half an hour.  At this point I was interested in conspiracy (teh timah iz f8k!!) and refreshed like crazy.  When it went back to 60% for a second time the bonus content was viewable.

    2. Wow, I misread that. I thought the first sentence was commenting on Cain’s body odor. Seemed like a rude opening!
      “Stay a while, and listen!” “Dude, I would, but you’ve seriously got to take a bath first!”

    3. “Here you are guys, as a reward for waiting patiently and submitting shit you have no interest in, we give you this:  Advertisements for our merchandise! Grats!”

      • Well to be honest, the player contest crap people are submitting has absolutely nothing to do with the % unlocked crap, which runs purely on a timer (though it gets paused on very busy days, like last Friday with the start of the open beta weekend.)

        Though Bliz CMs have done all they can to elide that fact.

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