Heroes Rise: 50% Unlocked

We’ve finally hit the half-way mark on the Heroes Rise promotional page! The release is so close, we can nearly taste it. As it should be after 12 years of waiting. With the Open Beta currently underway (not without technical problems, of course. But it seems like quite the coincidence that the 50% milestone unlocks the day the beta opens to the world. The excitement just continues to mount.

And no it’s not a wallpaper or facebook image, it is a brand new Blizzcast.

Our own Rob Simpson talks Diablo III item, quest, and sound design with Senior Designer DiabloWikiJason Bender, senior sound designer DiabloWikiKris Giampa, and Lead Content Designer Kevin Martens. What are the best ways to capture the sound of bones breaking? Find out in this BlizzCast 17 video exclusive.

Nizaris Update:

  • The video covers a lot of information we have known before, or at least have surmised. Starting with Senior Designer DiabloWikiJason Bender talking about randomization and aspects that difficulty levels bring to the game.
  •  Second up is Senior Sound Designer DiabloWikiKris Giampa covering some of the basics on how they bring the world to life with their sound libraries. It’s an interesting piece, especially if you haven’t listened to the panel from Blizzcon ’11 that focuses on Blizz music.
  • Third is Lead Content Designer DiabloWikiKevin Martens who talks a little about the background of the DiabloWikiFestering Woods (big surprise!), which will involve some [wikiNephalem[/wiki] Artifacts and warring spirits. The really cool part of this video is that it contains small clips of the game that have never been seen before.

The closing remarks are the most interesting as it refers to the fabled DiabloWikiCow Level. Based on Kevin’s remarks, we may not have seen the last of the Cow King.

So… spoiler warning if you want to keep your knowledge about the rest of the game to a minimum.

Over all, the content is geared towards a new audience, but it’s definitely worth a listen. And, of course, unlike all other Blizzcasts, these are live interviews held directly with the lead designers. Enjoy!

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    28 thoughts on “Heroes Rise: 50% Unlocked

      • I always love hearing about sound design so I was pretty happy for this one. It’s been forever since they’ve done a blizzcast, too.

      • The part I don’t get is if that guy interviewing him works at Blizzard. If he does…he’s just acting like he doesn’t know anything about it and saying its awesome? That’s like me getting interviewed by my mom.

    1. Can friends join a game across difficulty levels?  If I’m in hell diff. and a friend is only in normal and has never beaten normal on that account, for instance.

      • We have no way of knowing but I highly doubt it. I think there’s level restrictions on difficulty levels, unless they removed that.

    2. We’ve finally hit the half-way mark on the Heroes Rise promotional page! The release is so close, we can nearly taste it.

      haha, i knew right away i wasn’t reading Flux!

    3. 3:42 – Old arcane hydra.

      8:27 – Adria and Leah tagging along with you in Caldeum.

    4. Awesome..Pretty interesting insight into sound design, much better than the previous unlocks esp the first

    5. those was some cool new areas they showed. or at least new to me. i especially liked that cave with the red-tinted waterfalls at 1:36.
      can’t wait for the rainbow-themed cow level

    6. Was never impressed by the cow level personally, pity they feel the need to go over worn tracks in this fashion. 🙁

    7. I was surprised that the sound designer didn’t get a skeleton for skeleton sounds. Makes sense.

      • ^ Just my 2cents, but I imagine recording the real thing (skeletons/bones crushing) wouldn’t always sound as effective, if you know what i mean. It might not sound as satisfying as a slightly over-exaggerated sound. Plus that would take a lot of smashed skeletons and skulls to get the right take 🙂 And half the fun of sound design is coming up with creative ways to replicate a sound too!

        • Yeah, wouldn’t fit into Blizzard’s “over the top” approach… Personally, I don’t want over exaggerated sounds. I don’t like that everything you touch in the game sounds like a bomb going off, with extra fireworks. But that’s just me I guess.

          • Nothing worse than getting a huge gun in an fps and it sounds like a pea-shooter…
            The key to a sound is to make it stand out enough so you don’t miss it, but at the same time not drown every other sound in the process. Some times over the top is required to make the sound noticeable at all.

    8. It’s weird how it seems like rushing will be easy in this game. Level 60 makes a game on last part of last normal quest, level 1 friend joins, level 60 kills the boss and boom lvl 1 is through normal. Could be pointless with an xp cap on higher level monsters the lvl 1 wouldn’t get any xp anywhere too far ahead but what concerns me are quest rewards xp. Like right now on the beta if you get leoric quest done with a level 1 you get those 5k xp, how much XP will act 4 quests be, and if you can do that in end nightmare or such, probably going to find efficient ways to powerlevel characters.
      Not that it really bothers me that we have the possibility to skip most content, it’s still up to players to choose how they want to do it, but thought they wanted to get rid of tha

      • Actually it’s not true that you get the same reward (XP/Gold) at every level for completing the same quest.
        Killing SK at lower level will give you LOWER XP/Gold rewards.
        So yea, you’ll be able to get rushed, but the best way to gain levels will be fighting/questing in your level area. 

      • The enchantress should have blond hair.
        the woman in the video long red hair, not sure about the picture of Adria when you found the cave under the hut but i think it was red.

        just checked Adria has Black hair but wears something like a red hood with golden border.
        In the video it looks like a hood and you can see a golden border on her forehead but hard to tell so maybe it is Adria.

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