Heroes of the Storm’s Diablo 3 Wizard detailed in new video

As we reported a few days ago, Heroes of the Storm is getting some new Diablo themed characters and one of those is the Wizard in the form of Li-Ming. Even if you don’t play HOTS, this is still a fun video and it’s great to see more Diablo character footage.

Thanks PC Invasion.

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  1. Ok, that was weird… I never thought I'll see whitewashing in Blizzard game. When did the Wizard became a white girl with a lip job?And they could spring for the same voice actress. She was perfect in Diablo…

    • When did the wizard become a chola with her eyebrows done and lip injections, you mean. And why isn’t it ok for a character to be white? Why do you hate white people? Racist.

      • Yeah, I'm a racist. I am a white guy and I hate myself. I wish I could be young petite japanese schoolgirl…  /sarcasm  😉

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