Heroes of the Storm Eternal Conflict Goes All Diablo

Some of you may be playing HOTS and this evening Blizzard announced the very Diablo themed Heroes of the Storm Eternal Conflict expansion.

This content update will be landing on 30 June and features favourites such as King Leoric who is a mix of control and damage. The Monk also makes an appearance as a support character. The wonderful Treasure Goblin is also coming and he appears in the first 30 seconds of matches before the gates swing open. Killing him will grant the team bonus gold, if you can catch him of course.

Anyway, watch this great trailer featuring some of your favourite Diablo characters.

Thanks PC Invasion.


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  1. Course us monks are support =( I was really hoping for some sort of melee specialist role. Oh well HoTS is keeping my attention right now as I’m bored of S3.

    • The Monk can, among other things, for the first time *chose* among several traits which determine his primary role in the upcoming battle. Leoric, for example, will return back to the battle as Wraith when killed and stay in this form for the whole duration of the usual death timer. Be prepared for some exciting testing on the ??HotS? ??PTR? next week!

  2. Was that Nova with a crossbow? Me want!

    I hope Monk isn’t pure support.

  3. well of course this hints at cain comming back for d3 xb. 🙂

  4. Don’t tease me fellow ZACH! 🙂

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