Time to forget the user reviews for a while and get some reviews from the pros. Although I doubt they have played through the difficulties, there is no RMAH active just yet, and well I am not sure how good a review you can do after the game has been out for 48 only hours.

    • The Guardian review 4/5
    • Gamer.nl review 9/10 (thanks Gerard)
    • C&VG first 10 hours (no score yet)

    The IncGamers.com review will be coming soon and Tim McDonald will be reviewing this one. Being a massive fan of the game I felt it wasn’t right that I should review it, better to give it to someone who can look at the game objectively. Having talked to Tim last night though, he is rather liking it so far.

    See all the reviews to date compiled on our DiabloWikiDiablo III Reviews wiki article.

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