Here Come the First Diablo 3 Reviews

Time to forget the user reviews for a while and get some reviews from the pros. Although I doubt they have played through the difficulties, there is no RMAH active just yet, and well I am not sure how good a review you can do after the game has been out for 48 only hours.

  • The Guardian review 4/5
  • review 9/10 (thanks Gerard)
  • C&VG first 10 hours (no score yet)

The review will be coming soon and Tim McDonald will be reviewing this one. Being a massive fan of the game I felt it wasn’t right that I should review it, better to give it to someone who can look at the game objectively. Having talked to Tim last night though, he is rather liking it so far.

See all the reviews to date compiled on our DiabloWikiDiablo III Reviews wiki article.


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  1. Should note, the Guardian review has a pretty spoilery image at the top of the review

  2. The Guardian is a joke.  They hand out 4/5 ratings like candy.  Even more ridiculous, the reviewer made a lot of noobish statements that were mostly negative, yet still gave it a 4/5!  Example:

    [concerning skills] “But the way this is organised onscreen is confusing, with skills taking precedence over weapons by default and no clear overview of the powers you already have, let alone aspire to.” 

  3. reviews are best when the game experience is fresh. and at this point negative reviews are most welcome in my view. 95% of the reported problems so far come from Blizzard’s online-only bullshit. the more people they bash it, the better. security my ass. how are you more secure while connected to the net than not? if you ain’t connected, no viruses can touch you, no hackers either.

    it’s all about the mighty dollar, always about the mighty dollar and the RMAH. sonsofbitches. they better have pulled their thumbs outta their asses and fixed stuff before I receive my CE, otherwise all I need is just one char to bitchslap Bashiok and whoever else they line up for me. if they think they’ve had tough critics before, they haven’t gotten a load of me yet.

    I’ll probably get banned within minutes of course, because people over the net can’t handle those that speak the truth. they expect all honey, sugary spice and everything nice, and when they get bluntness they act all offended……pussies.

    PS: the Guardian guy is utterly clueless with rating anything

    • Because if you dont’ have online only, then they have to put the client on your machine.  This gives all of that data to hackers, which they then use to find exploits and ways to dupe items etc.  

      People are making WAY too big of a deal over launch day problems.  

      • Yet there were hacks, bots and dupes in the D3 beta and it was online only. Yes, the RMAH was the true reason Bizzard kicked single players to the curb.
        Server problems today as well. Sigh. 🙁

      • yeah because you seriously think online-only will stop them…….ever heard of emulators? hackers will always find a way to do what they want. BECAUSE companies like Blizzard are driven by greed, not intelligence. online-only does virtually (full pun intended) nothing to hackers, only gives them a tiny bit more work to do in this day n age. whereas it fucks over the legit players big time.
        and at the same time, there WILL be botters, there WILL be duppers, there WILL be hackers and from what I hear, there already are!! anything can be hacked, and Blizzard are a bunch of dumbasses for thinking they can break that cycle.
        the real reason is what it’s always been, the RMAH and disguising it with inexcusable excuses is only further testament to how full of shit they are. it’s like explaining science with religion. that’s how insane it looks.

        if you think that all this launch/post-launch rage is exaggerated, I’ll put it this way. I intended to avoid this site for a few days until I receive my CE from Amazon overseas because I thought people would be posting spoilers and vids of everything left and right. instead all I see is a gazillion reports about how Blizzard’s server structure sucks (as well as Blizzard themselves). I have personally yet to spot a single spoiler.
        Personally I already knew the Butcher was returning from a while back. As for a secret rainbow level, well…….we ain’t in Blizzard North anymore. Rainbows, unicorns, level, Diablo, 3…..holy fart that’s in the Guiness World Records book for most devastating oxymoron.

        All they’ve done since launch is manage to piss off 100s of 1000s of legit paying customes with their piece of shit servers crap because they’re too greedy and too stupid to admit it never really made a difference anyway. Also let’s see YOU spend 100+ dollars on Collector Editions and being unable to play it because the servers either won’t allow you to login for days or keep kicking you because they can’t handle the tooth.

        you a Blizzard employ by any chance? because there’s no way a real legit paying customer would ever say that, given how globally disastrous the launch was and still is. don’t know if you had any credibility as a poster before, but you definitely got 0 now.
        no proper customer would wanna pay for such a mess if they 100% knew it was gonna turn out like this. I spent 140 bucks on a CE myself. you know how many guys a night is 140 bucks?? most of them just hand out 10 bucks n say “here, that’s how much you’re worth, whore” and send me on my whoring way. see, I have to sit there and be told I can’t even whore around correctly, all for a chance to see that white box waiting for me at home.

        making too big a fuss about launch…….HA. I won’t be able to sit for days and you’re belittling our grievances….shame on you!

        PS2: Grumpy Old Wizard, TELL HIM too 

        • And yet…you bought the Collector’s Edition. 

          Their launch was no different than any other launch I’ve ever seen them do…not that it’s supposed to absolve anything but people here are just nerd raging on what they can scream about.

          Please, voice an opinion, but don’t sound like a screeching broken record that bought into Blizzard’s nonsense anyway.

  4. Plz, bobby, advertise a little on my blog, err, I mean, “professional review site”!  I promise to give you 9/10 on metacritic critic slots 4 life! 
    Maybe we only have 2 people (including my dog) on the staff, but, really we’re like media, press and all that!  We have a printer!  It needs a new toner, but, there it is… right there!  That makes us real press, right?

  5. The dutch review is also more like ‘random gamer opinion’ than review. It says the graphics are average, that the game’s beginning is needlessly easy (to whom, your readers?) etc etc. Yet closes with a “fantastic”. What passes for critics these days…

  6. I want to see ign’s review. They’re pretty good.

    Inferno Skeleton King. Method is a pro WoW guild (they are paid money to get world first kills in WoW.) Yikes.

    • thanks for the video 
      that was interesting 
      can anybody give a run down on the skills that were used ? 

      I only recognized poison dart from the WD – was that a totem he was casting ?
      I saw the Wiz used Frost Nova, Teleport, Arcane Orb and some sort of lightning orb
      I know they had Monk along, but I didn’t recognize any skills from  him

  8. I hate reading reviews written by people who know nothing about the gaming community.

  9. CoD is rated around 3.2 on Metacritic.

    Diablo 3 is now given 60% 0/10 ratings.

    Humanity is just a thin layer of civilisation.

    Soon the internet will be the trash bin of the worst scum imaginable.

    I don’t care: i know this species is not surviving the next few hundreds year anyway.

    At least the dinos survived for some 75 million years. Homo sapiens and homo ludens will hardly make it to 50.000 years of trolling each other.


  10. Also, if you are a developer, and your contract has bonuses for MetaCritic scores, laugh and laugh harder. That’s almost as dumb as net points in Hollywood (net points mean net profit share. In Hollywood, Star Wars and Harry Potter have never made any money, apparently.)

  11. Jesus i really hate these kind of paid reviews… 9/10…. 4/5… 😀
    everybody knows already that D3 is the biggest disappointment in the history of gaming… buggy, boring, linear, short (12 hours!), real money auction house, etc…. it’s a crap guys… i’m just wondering who will be the first one saying this fact aloud… 🙂 IGN and its “review in progress” :D:D they would have given a Torchlight 2 a score a few hours after the release, and why would D3 be more complicated?? 🙂

    Flux Make a news post about it.
    The title is: Rainbows and Unicorns Discovered in Diablo 3

  13. They’re just rushing to be the first to review it, come on. Geeeshus!!! 😡   First pro reviews my bicycle seat.

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