I hope you haven’t missed the forum wiki BBCode, which easily adds an informative link to most topics related to Diablo II and Diablo III directly into the thread. You can link to the DiabloWikiDiablo III Fact sheet to enlighten a friend about a particular D3 detail, or why not a link to D2 DiabloWikiUber Diablo! There is even an automatic link tool in the advanced edit box of threads for the D3 wiki.

    This is something you can do without spending any time in expanding the existing information, while still help others find their way. The two wikis are split into D1 and D2 info and a main wiki for lore and D3. Between the two, it’s the best source of Diablo information, including Arreat Summit over at Battle.net. We want you to help us all to make it even better!

    The wiki has several ways to find things to do. If surfing about have not shown you one or two minor things that can be improved upon, then you can find a lot of things to do in the Special Pages (D2, D3) used to manage the wiki. There are Long pages (D2, D3), Short pages (D2, D3), Linkless pages (D2, D3), Unlinked pages (D2, D3) and Wanted pages (D2, D3) among many other things. These tools can naturally not see when a page needs *improvement*, which is why we have the Stubs category (D2, D3), which you can add articles to that you think need a little polish, or want to help by polishing them. A list of small “starter tasks” is shown after the jump for you to warm up with. None too advanced, and “bitesize” enough to see what can be done, and also big enough to be very helpful to others! Even if you have no intention of becoming a great contributor, you should at least give it a try.

    Make sure to talk to DiabloWikiLeord if you have suggestions, want additional guidance, or just some help fixing something. Remember that we just launched the extensive DiabloWikiHelp section, where you can find a lot of support as well. We’re all going to benefit from having all the information available gathered at one place, so come on! You can do ONE edit, surely! If you like it, like me, then that’s just dandy.   

    For Diablo 2 Wiki you can help by:

    • Adding more links to other articles in the wiki. If there is a related topic named in an article, make sure it gets used! No point in having excellent information written by other fans go to waste if no-one finds it! when surfing for data, and add links to other pages. We have a lot of “orphaned” articles that needs links around the wiki. If you are unsure of your English skills, but still want to do a great favour to the community, this is an excellent pastime. Any page that has a logic reason to link to another should do so! Here are a few examples to get you started:
    • Explaining to other fans about DiabloWikiActs, what they are, how many there are, and what levels they contain. Adding some story information, DiabloWikiNPCs and the like. You’ll find the DiabloWikiLevels article of great help in order to expand Acts. A full-blown table with all stats won’t be required for a new contributor like you, but a short introduction to each level is something anyone could do! Examples of what you can help with:

    • Filling out ‘wanted’ pages—Pages that have been linked to, but not yet created. In a wiki, everyone uses their own strengths, and lets other help them with their weaknesses. If you make a really good guide for an DiabloWikiAmazon or a DiabloWikiPaladin, you might want to link the Unique Items mentioned in the article, so if other members go to the ‘Wanted Pages’, they will see that it needs to be added. It creates a terrific to-do list for everyone, including the person linking. By the way, the DiabloWikiUniques article also needs links in it… Few examples below of “red links” or “wanted pages” (you have to click “edit” to start adding):

      • DiabloWikiMelee – What is that anyway?
      • DiabloWikiNormal – (the difficulty)
      • DiabloWikiWaypoint – Quite essential!
      • DiabloWikiStash – Important to have.
      • DiabloWikiV1.10 – Important patch.
      • DiabloWikiMinion – Explaining what a minion IS.
      • DiabloWikiSummon – Explaining what some class skills do.
      • DiabloWikiCurse – What is a curse in the game?
      • More needed…

    For DiabloWiki, we need mostly content:
    There is lots of content you can add, especially lore-related things from the books and other sources. Even the game manuals are filled with important facts for the world of Sanctuary! This is a short pick o

    • Adding more links to other articles in the wiki, just like for Diablo 2. Examples:
      • DiabloWikiSecret Cow Level – Needs to be linked
      • DiabloWikiScavenger – Needs to be linked
      • DiabloWikiSecret Cow Level – Needs to be linked
      • DiabloWikiLeah – Needs to have links in it
      • DiabloWikiPvP – Needs to have links in it
      • DiabloWikiUndead – Needs to have links in it
      • DiabloWikiUreh – Needs to have links in it
      • DiabloWikiDemons – Needs to have links in it
      • More that needs to be linked…
      • More that need links in them…
    • Filling out ‘wanted’ pages, just like in Diablo 2 Wiki. Feel free to create new “red links” as you see fit as well!

      • DiabloWikiDiablo – The (in)famous main character of this universe is in dire need of a new portrayal!
      • DiabloWikiTristram – What do we really know about Tristram, and why do we keep coming back to it?
      • DiabloWikiTyrael – The mysterious angel who defies the High Heavens, info missing!
      • DiabloWikiWestmarch – The land of the Paladins. what else is known about Westmarch anyway?
      • DiabloWikiCarebear – The term, what does it mean?
      • DiabloWikiBaal – Big bad brother of Diablo. Backstory needed.
      • DiabloWikiStoryline – Already some info there, but should be filled out.
      • More needed…
    • DiabloWikiLore
      • Everything about the Diablo Universe should be added here. We are making DiabloWiki the best source of stats, facts and lore. You can help in this, and we probably won’t be able to do it without you. Any name, word or place you have read about, add it, and contact DiabloWikiLeord if you are uncertain of what to do!

    Again, don’t miss the excellent Help Section if you get stuck, but you can always contact me if you hit a brick wall!

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