Hanbitsoft has announced Hellgate: Resurrection will launch officially on December 8, and revealed a teaser trailer of Hellgate: Tokyo. The ACT 1 (of 10) is scheduled to be implemented on March 2010 . Players emerge into a devastated Tokyo, with access to 10 regions, including three types of boss monsters. Hanbitsoft stated during the press conference that the game still uses some of the old Hellgate: London source code, but it has been updated with new content. They have removed the level cap [50], and implemented a character advancement system. They also updated the unfinished Abyss Chronicle.

    Some of the locations to be visited are Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. The game will be free to play with basic items, and Hanbitsoft plans to offer a service that allows players to purchase items for real-money. Something to highlight from the concept art of Hellgate: Tokyo is the Templar’s armor, which resembles a Samurai. You can watch the Hellgate: Tokyo teaser trailer here.

    There are rumours abound that Hanbitsoft purchased the rights of Hellgate: London from Namco to publish the game in USA, or is in process of. There is no confirmation on these rumors yet.

    According to the press release, this is the intended release schedule:

    November 13: Hanbitsoft changes the name Hellgate: London to Hellgate: Resurrection
    November 17: New server opens for beta test
    December 8: Hellgate: Resurrection officially launched
    December 22: Start billing item service
    January 2010: Implementing Difficulty-mode: Danjonmodo
    March 2010: “Hellgate: Tokyo” ACT1 implementation

    Some fans are terrified by the announcement, as it brings bad memories. It will take Hanbitsoft an immense challenge to refine the source code, add exciting content, and a powerful public relations honey-lure to convince players to try the game. No one wants to feel flagshipped again.

    Diablo players won’t see Diablo III at least past 2011. The rising of so many Diablo clones will certainly keep fans busy for some time while Blizzard develops and polishes their clone-killer. For now have fun with Torchlight. Mythos has been announced to return on USA, and now Hellgate: Resurrection and Hellgate: Tokyo will be available for Asian players. I can see people trying it out for its free-to-play model, and for the curiosity factor. If the rumors hold true, it may be playable in USA at some point.

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