Remember Hellgate London? It’s coming back and will be re-released on Steam in around three weeks time.

    Hellgate: London was a promising title from Flagship Studios but it all went rather pear-shaped¬†for the game and Flagship Studios. Hellgate: London has been rebooted before back in 2011 when publisher T3 took it over but I’m not sure anything actually came of that. Then in 2014, it appeared again as a Steam Greenlight title which again went nowhere.

    Anyway, it’s back again from Hanbitsoft and T3¬†Entertainment, and according to the Steam entry, this release will the 2.0 version which includes the Tokyo expansion. The Steam page is not exactly clear what will happen with this release but we are assuming it’s free to play based on this text:

    • With the support of many fans, developers have been able to offer the latest version of Hellgate: London game in the Steam.
    • Hellgate: London provides a single play environment with the latest version (Version 2.0) of the Hellgate: Tokyo service.
    • The game provides single play optimized scenario contents and premium support items.

    Hellgate wasn’t exactly perfect but it was an interesting ARPG romp that most Diablo players will have likely tried at some point. It certainly had potential and this re-release might bring back some fond memories.

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