A fan complains about the change/bug-fix to the Hellfire Ring, and gets a reply from a Blizzard official.

    Old hellfire ring was the real end game. People improve their gears and spend lots of times to collect keys and beat uber bosses on higher MP level AGAIN and AGAIN just to get a better rolled hellfire ring. So old hellfire ring was real end game. Now with this worthless hellfire ring, no reason to do these uber bosses more than once. No point/reward of uber bosses in higher MP level.

    Blizzard should make the reward of hardest quest in game really EPIC, so in order to get a better roll, this is a really nice end game. With this nerfed ring, the end game is gone. I was excited to do these uber bosses and was incentive to upgrade my gear to beat these uber bosses on high MP level, now no point in DiabloWikiinfernal machine now.

    There are some ways to nerf that ring, like scale that ring’s damage as your DPS, so that ring on weak players will never deal million damage. Or make that ring super difficult to get, like only M6 and above has chance to drop key, MP6 has 20% chance. Or make its damage scale with MP level. You shouldn’t simply nerf it to ground.

    By nerfing hellfire ring, you destroy the real end game you once gave us in PTR ver 1. D3 lack end game again, and the whole inferno machine become pointless with the nerf of this ring. I am not looking forward to 1.05 anymore.
    Lylirra: It was actually a bug fix. The ring’s proc damage was incorrectly scaling with a player’s primary stats and weapon damage, which it was never designed to do. While we agree it was pretty sweet to see your characters do millions of damage in a single hit, no other Legendary procs scale this way — and that’s intended.

    The Hellfire Ring will still be valuable, though. It may not be as valuable to players who have reached Paragon 100 now that it doesn’t deal buttloads of damage when it procs, but it will still be competitive. Given the nature of how the ring is crafted, it has the opportunity to roll with some pretty incredible stats, so one of the rings you create may be BiS for you. Then again, it may not, but that’s a good reason to keep farming (if that’s your thing).

    As for players who are leveling Paragon, we’re okay with Hellfire being BiS. Yes, it will help you level up faster, but even if you stack it with Leoric’s Signet and a ruby gem in your helm, reaching 100 will still take a very long time. And, as you’ve illustrated, the ring probably won’t be a “must-have” forever, at least not for everyone depending on the stats you roll.

    I.E. what this guy said:

    “The Hellfire Ring can still be BiS, now you just need to rolls to do so. You already have High main stat….you just need the 4 randoms to roll trifecta. It will now take a LOT of farming to get BIS hellfire ring.”

    Hellfire Ring base stats.

    As Lylirra explained, the problem is that the “Chance to launch an explosive ball of Hellfire” part was calculating the damage incorrectly, which caused it to deal gigantic damage. Literally millions per hit.

    That issue aside (see the video below) what do you guys think of the Hellfire Ring stats in general? It’s got a guaranteed huge bonus to one of the four attributes, and the 35% experience gain, and the Hellfire attack, but just those with 4 random mods is very far from guaranteeing a good item, much less a great one. Should the Hellfire Ring be guaranteed to be better?

    For example, what if it granted that +170-200 bonus to 2 or 3 attributes, instead of just 1? Or what if it had guaranteed Faster Attack Speed or Critical Hit Change also? Or even just 6 random properties instead of just 4? Or would those easy fixes make it too good, where it was almost guaranteed to be the best ring you could ever get, and thus it would become a mandatory item, rather than just a special, maybe-awesome bonus?

    For the sake of comparison, the Hellfire Torch charm in D2X had highly variable stats, but even with a terrible roll it was an invaluable item for any character, and could become super awesome with a great roll. The D3 Hellfire Ring, on the other hand, is more of the D3 style of legendaries — it’s got potential for greatness, but a very low likelihood of it.

    What do you think of the Hellfire Ring?

    • 2) It's okay with some random, but it should have better guaranteed quality. (37%, 759 Votes)
    • 3) It's lame. Needs to be MUCH better. (22%, 447 Votes)
    • 4) The whole concept is dumb. Shouldn't be a ring. Charm! (19%, 391 Votes)
    • 1) I like the stats as they are. (15%, 300 Votes)
    • 5) No opinion / something else. (7%, 151 Votes)

    Total Voters: 2,048

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    Click through for a video showing some early version Hellfire Ring action, with constant 3m+ Hellfire hits by a Wizard.

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