Obtaining the Hellfire Amulet

    The olde schoole type.

    Forums are buzzing with a newly-discovered exploit using the Hellfire Amulet to enable ALL THE PASSIVES on your character. Here’s the trick with one step omitted so we won’t be spreading the cheat (though it’s all over the B.net forums anyway). Thanks to Chumly for the email tip on this Hellfire Amulet Exploit:

    1. Make any Hellfire Amulet.
    2. Equip only the amulet.
    3. ___________________
    4. Take off the amulet.
    5. The passive bonus is now locked onto your character. Regardless if you leave the game.

    This is pretty obviously a major problem and we can assume the devs will be hotfixing it as quickly as human possible. Exploiting it would be a bad idea, since at least you’ll get rolled back and at worst suspended or banned.

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