Heartbreaking Hardcore Torment 6 Uber Diablo Battle

Heartbreaking Hardcore Torment 6 Uber Diablo Battle

Great video of a 20-minute hardcore Torment 6 Uber Diablo Battle. Four Hardcore chars enter, two chars leave, with a combined 700 paragon levels of death! The wizard is broadcasting the stream and has several very close calls, running for her life with under 10% hit points and her potion on cooldown, with only the complete luck of dodging one Leoric swing between her and joining the other 2 in their final DiabloWikiDeeds. Be sure you stay to the end or skip ahead to the 20 minute mark for for the *amazing* treasure drop.

Thanks to Chikibawa for the tip and the entertainment.

Watch live video from lilshortazn82 on TwitchTV

Not a happy moment...
Not a happy moment…
I’ve seen plenty of guys in our US and EU HC clans doing Ubers and moving up to T2 and T3 in parties, but T6 is insane. Moral of the story looks like you don’t want to be a melee class trying to tank that sort of megadeath producing target. It helps to have 800 free DiabloWikiAll Res from the INT mainstat, too, as the oft-scorched-but-not-crisped WD and Wiz here can testify. I don’t think a DH could have survived that battle and the amount of elemental death flying around, since Dodge is such a less-useful defensive bonus from a mainstat.

How are you guys doing on your progress up the Torment ladder? Does this kind of high level battle and survival encourage you to work at perfecting your DiabloWikiMain to go for the highest challenge? Or are you happier playing more casually and just facerolling the lower difficulty levels?

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35 thoughts on “Heartbreaking Hardcore Torment 6 Uber Diablo Battle

  1. Their dmg was somewhat low. And barbs died fast yeah. Probably multi balls hit or fireball under the feet.

    For this sort of fight Relentless and so on would be useful. Also Battle Roar – Swords to Ploughshares (8% chance for healthglobe on crit).

    Too bad relentless reduces fury cost and also because of that, life per fury healing :(.

    I would definitely go there with ignore pain (group)

    • From what I’ve heard they got trapped by bone prison and got the fire lightening blast to the face. I don’t think any amount of gearing can survive that in T6

  2. This is a perfect example of how and why risk vs reward is broken.

    All that, two very high end character deaths, and you don’t even get a Forgotten Soul to show for it.

    The odds of organ drops need a visit by Jay Wilson. And then Jay Wilson needs to visit Jay Wilson, so the odds get doubled and then doubled again.

  3. Watched the whole vid. Was really good. My last HC death wasn’t even with ubers. It hurts to lose those items on those characters that took a good while and luck to find. A friend lost a HC char fighting ubers, it certainly makes the victories sweeter when you don’t die. Good job killing them 😉

  4. I would say, moral of the story looks like it’s stupid to risk high end HC characters on something you aren’t prepared for and whose risk far outweighs the possible reward, just so you can say “OMG I’m so badass I’m doing UberDiablo in HC T6”.

  5. I was curious why the wizard was only using mult-shot magic missile as his spell of choice. Didn’t even use his arcane for anything.

    • Mirrorball pretty much triples my DPS and I use meteor because I like to have fun with my builds. At the point where two of the barbs died, I went into serious mode and just kited with my missiles for max DPS. Meteors would have been hard to hit and would have left me to take more damage. Hope this helps a bit to explain my reasoning haha, if you have any other questions just let me know!

      • Sure I like fun builds/skills but I often switch runes for single target etc when going to bosses.
        Why even go in to this fight with meteor then? Another spell would surely be more helpfull against these moving targets. Maybe something you wouldn’t need to aim or active (often).

  6. I am sure out of respect, nobody’s gonna mention the fact that the dude looks like an Asian version of Princess Leia in that outfit with the headphones underneath the hoodie…

  7. QUOTE

    It should be have been like 5 legs (preferably sets) who should have dropped.

    This is what Flux was talking about. The “amazing” loot drop. A bit of sarcasm for our Monday. I agree though. that loot drop sucked. RNG is just as “not nice” in T6 as it is in T2 for me.

    XinKaishu, there’s no need to go there. especially with your first post. Who cares what the guy looked like. I am sure he was comfortable. Would you like me to remove your post?

    • Wow, I did not mean it in a mean-spirited way…I felt like he looked funny as hell. It is all context I guess and my post lacked the necessary number of smileys. 🙂
      Not my first post either.

      Anyway, congrats Chikibawa, it looked very hard and you seemed to enjoy it all in the end, way to go! 🙂

  8. They probably would have been fine if they respected the fight, or at least would have lasted longer. They dropped diablo to his final phase with leoric and maghda still up… Slow down and take care of the adds as they come up, and the fight is a lot easier.

    • We did all the other ubers on T6, so we thought uber diablo would be the same difficulty haha. Either way, I agree with you, but its okay, thats the risk of hardcore!

  9. I wanna thank you personally Flux for making this post about my video! Haha, I really was hesitating putting this video out because I didn’t think people would enjoy it. One of my viewers advised me to post the video because he said he enjoyed it a lot, so it worked out to my favor. Thanks again <3. Also, Dacar92 thanks haha, and I kind of want to explain the reasoning behind my hoodie so people know. When I was a kid, I got hit in the head with a pole and I was left with a huge bump on my forehead that I have to this day. I wear the hoodie because it feels as if I have a constant itch on my forehead and I am more comfortable with something touching my forehead at all times. It's hard to explain, but yeah if you watch me stream I am always wearing my hoodie or else I twitch a lot or move my eyebrows. I hope this explains a lot and don't feel bad for me either! Thanks again, <3 you all

    • I did not know about the scar either. But, it explains the intent of my comment better. I never heard of him or seen his stream until today. If I knew about the scar, I would never have made the comment. That would have been mean.
      And, I apologize if I offended you in any way.

      Congrats again! 🙂

      • No offense taken man. I just wanted to explain so people can get to know me better. Don’t worry about it <3

    • Yeah, glad to serve up the excellent action to a wider audience. Let us know about other cool vids or game encounters when you survive (or not) the momments of doom.

  10. Wow, props to you. As a fire sorc with mirror+TF, equivalent damage (maybe slightly more), but quite less toughness, how the hell do you survive 8 times the damage and kill 10 times the health T6 has over T1? Maybe I’m used to killing elites in 5 seconds and Mal under 1 minute, but damn, I haven’t even tried T3 yet, you are insanely courageous. Congratulation on the achievement!


  11. The game at higher levels is just one giant elemental damage gear check. The intelligence classes have a huge advantage in this reality.

    If I want to play my DH with the build I want to then i will never be able to do anything like this on T6 or even T5.

    8k Intelligence is just far and away that much better than 8k dex.

    Had this video been 4 DH’s then I would have been impressed.

  12. I was the one recommend Chiki to put this video out there to the mass, and again good work and very nice entertainment on the highest level!

  13. Awesome job, that was a great video. Glad you guys were able to take care of it! RIP entire barb class.

    I think a DH does a great job of doing damage and healing itself while kiting, so if they can survive vaulting by things they should be able to do it (maybe)… Plus they could have about 3 buttons that act like potions. Not that I have played HC dh, but just thinking outloud.

    Did you have any life regen, or were you planning on letting one of the barb’s warcry regen life?

  14. Risk vs Reward is completely OFF.

    I can do T4 on HC. Question is why would I ? It’s a bit longer than T2, more risky and reward drop is only a bit better which is offset by slower kill speed.

  15. heartbreaking ?

    kind of an exaggeration

    sad, yes
    but heartbreaking ?
    did they die in real life ?
    did one of their family members die on stream right behind them, but they didn’t realize it because they had headphones on ?

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