Great video of a 20-minute hardcore Torment 6 Uber Diablo Battle. Four Hardcore chars enter, two chars leave, with a combined 700 paragon levels of death! The wizard is broadcasting the stream and has several very close calls, running for her life with under 10% hit points and her potion on cooldown, with only the complete luck of dodging one Leoric swing between her and joining the other 2 in their final DiabloWikiDeeds. Be sure you stay to the end or skip ahead to the 20 minute mark for for the *amazing* treasure drop.

    Thanks to Chikibawa for the tip and the entertainment.

    Watch live video from lilshortazn82 on TwitchTV

    Not a happy moment...

    Not a happy moment…

    I’ve seen plenty of guys in our US and EU HC clans doing Ubers and moving up to T2 and T3 in parties, but T6 is insane. Moral of the story looks like you don’t want to be a melee class trying to tank that sort of megadeath producing target. It helps to have 800 free DiabloWikiAll Res from the INT mainstat, too, as the oft-scorched-but-not-crisped WD and Wiz here can testify. I don’t think a DH could have survived that battle and the amount of elemental death flying around, since Dodge is such a less-useful defensive bonus from a mainstat.

    How are you guys doing on your progress up the Torment ladder? Does this kind of high level battle and survival encourage you to work at perfecting your DiabloWikiMain to go for the highest challenge? Or are you happier playing more casually and just facerolling the lower difficulty levels?

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