A fan posted a lengthy argument about a perceived change in how the DiabloWikiHealth Link boss modifier works. His theorizing got shot down by Lylirra, but she took the opportunity to share a newly-confirmed bug with that type of boss that’s worth knowing about. Here’s the end of his post, plus the Blue replies.

    What I want to know is, was this change meant to make Health-Link packs much more difficult for people who rely on lifesteal to keep themselves alive? Health-Link is for me, the worst affix a monster can have. Not because I try to focus 1 target down as quickly as possible, but when you are used to getting 20k+ hp back when you crit and that number is cut by 2/3, you REALLY feel it. Is lifesteal (along with reflect dmg) supposed to be the most challenging affix for people with high gear levels?

    It seems to me that this is an unintended affect since they didn’t try to nerf lifesteal any other way, but I would really like someone who knows to respond to this.

    Lylirra: We didn’t make any changes to way Health Link works in 1.0.5. To clarify, this is how the affix should function:

    1. You hit a monster with the Health Link affix.

    2. If you successfully deal damage, that monster checks for any other monsters with the Health Link affix that are nearby (nearby = 50 yards).

    3. If there are monsters nearby, the damage amount is immediately divided equally with them.

    4. If there aren’t any monsters nearby, that damage isn’t shared and is taken fully by the monster you hit.

    Now, there is bug that’s currently active that makes it so that Life Steal isn’t as effective against monsters with the Health Link affix (the amount of life stolen is diminished when attacking Health Linked monsters), which could account for what you’ve experienced.

    (Sorry to chime in a bit late on this thread, but this was something I wanted to check on with both QA and our development teams. I hope you’ll forgive my necro!)

    I like when bugs are explicable. Like this one; you can read the details and go, “Oh yeah, I can see how/why that would happen.” So often bugs are inscrutable and exist because of weird connections in the game code that no non-programmer can ever hope to comprehend.

    How do you guys feel about Health Link? I kind of like it, though I always wish it was called DiabloWikiDie Together (though that was a different mod, I enjoy the name.) With Health Link it can be fun to bang away on a Champion for triple or quadruple the normal time, while dodging the others and knowing that as soon as I kill this one, his friends will drop dead simultaneously, if not sooner. (Literally sooner; once in a while I see the others die before the one I’m hitting, due to vagaries in how much damage is shared.

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