HC news of note: Hall of fallen heroes

After finding some time tonight to grind to level 10 with a new hardcore character I quickly killed him after dinging 10. The reason? To see the hall of fallen heroes of course. The hall looks a lot like the character inspection screen and does have limited slots but it’s still a nice feature.

Poor Gong, you didn't die in vain

You can find the halls of the dead in your profile and the tab isn’t actually labeled. Though the icon is reminiscent of the old cloaked figures we saw in D2.


As you can see, the character is shown in their gear they had when they died. We’re also given a few stats on the side including time played( notice only 1:38 to level 10).

And that’s it! What do you think? Did it live up to your expectations or let you down?

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24 thoughts on “HC news of note: Hall of fallen heroes

  1. Considering they said not long ago that it may not make it in the release version this seems pretty nice.  Might be a while before I make use of it though.

    Captch: life’s too short  😛 

  2. Judging from the current version of Hall of the Fallen Heroes I can say that it looks so simple and plain. It should be upgraded to live up to our expectations. Nice work, Gong.

    • Agreed. I’d like more stats, if anything, but it’s better than what we had in D2.

  3. A cool feature. It is oddly… sterile, though. I’d expect it to either be reverential with them standing in “Heaven” with Tyrael, or if not that, more morbid, like a see-through ghost standing in a graveyard or something. I don’t know. It would also be cool if the game saved the character’s death screen, like players did in D2.
    That said, they can tweak this stuff later. For now, just get the game out.

    • I’m not a huge lore buff, but as far as I know, people living in sanctuary don’t actually go to heaven or hell when they die.

      • I don’t think in diablo there is any heaven in the sense of if you die while being a good guy you go to heaven as a spirit. Correct me some of the more lore savvy people if im wrong.

  4. i swear this was posted like yesterday or 2 days ago.. i swear.. lol ❓ but i think only real difference is u leveled to 10 this time and not… 1.. cool…..or maybe im confused…

    • You have to be at least level 10 to get into the hall of fallen heroes. A character that dies before that is just a ghost that takes up a character slot until you delete them. Technically any character is a ghost first, but if they are at least lvl 10 you can choose to add them to the hall or delete them.

    • It was a link in a comment section showing a level 10 char that was killed ^^, so very possible you saw it at that time!

  5. A short replay-feature would be awesome. Click on cour character and you can see, like replays in SC2, the last minute of his life. Perhaps in a big PvP-Patch when they add replays to the arena (yeah I know I’m an optimist).

  6. How do you know the slots are limited? I mean there is a scroll bar. Or did a blue say something about this?

    • They said a while ago it would have limited slots. Plus there are data-mined strings indicating such.

  7. I think the waypoint character thing is very ugly. The Interface in this part is even more ugly. That doesnt look “best game ever” like. I like the main screen, but the rest of the menu interface is ugly.

  8. Is the red fire on the waypoint base thing only for hardcore characters or only for dead characters? Also, I find it kind of annoying that the tab is just a picture of a red-tinted demon hunter face instead of words like everything else… kind of breaks the pattern.

  9. i like this a lot. stuff like this makes me want to get into the hc world even more. being said i would like a few more stats. be cool to be able to inspect our fallen hero so we can actually see the stats on the gear they died in

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