HC news of note: Death screen and Ghosts

With Hardcore now in the beta( and playable too) I took it on myself to kamikaze my first character to show you what we can expect to see. The death screen is pretty straight forward and I hope they add some flair to it before release. It seems wrong to not see that my deeds of valor will be remembered. On the plus side the ghost animation looks much better than the cloak ever could.

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  1. I’m glad your char died about 40+ years ago on 12/31/69 🙄

    • That puts a whole new perspective on D3 development length… Quite eye opening! 😆

    • As a technical note, that probably means they are storing the time in “Unix Epoch Time” format. It’s a single number, counting the seconds since the start of 1970.

      If you put a placeholder time of “-1” in the field (to signify it’s not implemented yet), it would render out to “the last second of 1969”, or 1969-12-31 23:59:59.

      /lesson 🙂 

    • Unix time zero! Bugg!

      EDIT: jarpy is cool 🙂

  2. So that’s what the Red Demon Hunter face was from the datamined gallery.
    And the ghost looks awesome. 

  3. Nice! the death screen (2nd shot) is very close to what I was hoping for. This, and other new changes are starting to make me think Blizz still has it.

  4. Anyone tried to suicide on lvl 1 zombies at the start? Notice how they stop attacking you at 50% life and just run laps around?

    • Haven’t tried it. Perhaps it is for grandmas who just started playing and don’t understand how to attack things at the very start?

  5. But wouldn’t you want to see your char as he/she actually looked, not ghosty?

    • I’m assuming that’s what the Archive button is for.

      • I assumed it was so it doesn’t take up any room. It says he has 6 slots left, which means it include the dead HC char as a 4th character. The 10 char limit is low enough, having dead chars count towards it would be stupid.

  6. So wasn’t there some sort of hall of fallen heroes or something? Or is that what this is? This is probably good enough, but I was just curious what the other thing was meant to be 🙂 Also seem to vaguely remember reading you had to be level 10 or something to get there, anyone tried killing a lvl 10 yet?

  7. Maybe your deeds of valor won’t be remembered because you didn’t perform any! 🙂

  8. The game is actually challenging now, I just started a HC Demonhunter and I am at level 7 now, going after the skeleton kings crown.
    As I do not have access to equipment from other chars, no crafting and no companion and had some tough luck with weapons, things are far from easy. Every bosspack is a challenge and I have used like 5-6 pots so far and I never had to before, I was almost killed by a pack of those dogs that are damn fast and had the frozen mod, hard to kite and I was down in a dungeon so limited room to maneuver.

  9. That first screenshot looks like “F you have died.” because of the sign post.

  10. You didn’t try too hard – sacrifce lvl 13 character, not 2 🙂

  11. Good that you made a screen shot to see how the death looks like, because probably I won’t see it myself. 🙂

  12. As I knew the game got quite a lot easier once I got access to the templar and the blacksmith, no more potions were used after this, but there were still some long fights.

  13. And of course I had to test the Hall of Fallen heroes, so once I got to level 10 I got nekkid and went out to punch some skeletons:
    Also, I assumed this was so but hadn’t had it confirmed, when dying with your only HC char gold and stuff in your chest is available for new characters.

  14. the dislike button…

    Also, Blizz are just too awesome for making hardcore available like this, and hall of fame ^^ !!

    • For those wondering who in their right mind would actually +1 this. I did it. For the lols.

      Just pretend it is negative.

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