In the midst of patch 13 the runes and skills have taken center stage, but the ever vigilant Risingred has been busy mining the data and stumbled across some pertinent information.  It looks as if the DiabloWikiHall of Fallen Heroes is in the files and they have quite the story to tell:

    Hall of Fallen Heroes (There’s an “archive” button after the HC hero dies). This is a tab in your profile.
    Archive Hero
    Are you sure you want to move {s1} to the Hall of Fallen Heroes?
    Delete Fallen Hero
    You may still archive this hero in the Hall of Fallen Heroes. Are you sure you want to delete {s1} permanently?
    You have reached the maximum number of fallen heroes. Visit the Hall of Fallen Heroes and remove some heroes first.
    HeroSelectCantArchiveHardCoreHeroDueToLevel Fallen Heroes must be at least level 10 before you may save them to the Hall of Fallen Heroes.

    Tracked stats:

    LevelReached Level Reached:
    SlainBy Slain By:
    DamageType Damage Type:
    MonstersKilledHOF Monsters Killed:
    PlayerStats Player Stats
    AchievementPoints Achievement Points:

    First we see that there is a limit to the amount of characters that can be stored. I’m no too surprised at that, but I imagine it will be an interesting moment having to decide which one to delete.  We also see that you must reach level 10 to be enshrined in the hall. I guess this means that my goal of enshrining my first hardcore level one death is a dream I can’t fulfill.  I do enjoy the stats we are given and I wonder how it will look in game. Will it be a gravestone? A picture of the deceased in their gear?

    What are your thoughts on this upcoming feature? Disappointed you won’t have a google search worth of dead characters? Or excited to not have the character slot dilemma?

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