HC news of note: Datamined Hall of fallen heroes

In the midst of patch 13 the runes and skills have taken center stage, but the ever vigilant Risingred has been busy mining the data and stumbled across some pertinent information.  It looks as if the DiabloWikiHall of Fallen Heroes is in the files and they have quite the story to tell:

Hall of Fallen Heroes (There’s an “archive” button after the HC hero dies). This is a tab in your profile.
Archive Hero
Are you sure you want to move {s1} to the Hall of Fallen Heroes?
Delete Fallen Hero
You may still archive this hero in the Hall of Fallen Heroes. Are you sure you want to delete {s1} permanently?
You have reached the maximum number of fallen heroes. Visit the Hall of Fallen Heroes and remove some heroes first.
HeroSelectCantArchiveHardCoreHeroDueToLevel Fallen Heroes must be at least level 10 before you may save them to the Hall of Fallen Heroes.

Tracked stats:

LevelReached Level Reached:
SlainBy Slain By:
DamageType Damage Type:
MonstersKilledHOF Monsters Killed:
PlayerStats Player Stats
AchievementPoints Achievement Points:

First we see that there is a limit to the amount of characters that can be stored. I’m no too surprised at that, but I imagine it will be an interesting moment having to decide which one to delete.  We also see that you must reach level 10 to be enshrined in the hall. I guess this means that my goal of enshrining my first hardcore level one death is a dream I can’t fulfill.  I do enjoy the stats we are given and I wonder how it will look in game. Will it be a gravestone? A picture of the deceased in their gear?

What are your thoughts on this upcoming feature? Disappointed you won’t have a google search worth of dead characters? Or excited to not have the character slot dilemma?

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27 thoughts on “HC news of note: Datamined Hall of fallen heroes

    • I just realized why Blizzard ignores this site. It’s not the criticism. It’s the borderline trollish and unfair statements that became the norm here.
      Criticism is fine, when it’s stated the right way.
      First of all, “we were expecting.” = nope, YOU were expecting.
      And could you not say: “I actually thought there will be no post-death history, like in D2, so I’m glad we’re getting something now.”
      There is no elephant in the room. Blizzard delivers way the hell more than any other PC game developer, but some of the posters on this site make it sounds like it’s failure after a failure, “oh and by the way at least they got X right, whew, aren’t we lucky?”. Of course they ignore this site.
      Sorry for the derail, I think the Hall’s limit is fine, I will probably just leave the lvl 60 ghosts in there, and the plan is not to have too many of those… ahem.

      • It’s like this with any franchise from the golden age of gaming. Just look at No Mutants Allowed. Same shit about Fallout. Nothing is ever good enough.

        Granted latest fallout games have been utter shite but then again what game is perfect nowadays. Lets be glad we are getting something that IS diablo…albeit a bit re-imagined.  

        • Hah, the level of harsh, harsh criticism towards Diablo is nothing compared to what you saw for Fallout 3, or for the new (what they’re calling an) x-com game.

          I wasn’t even criticising or being harsh. Some idiot just has a stick shoved up it. 

      • Maybe you’re just trolling, but I’ll bite, since everything short of your last sentence was wildly erroneous.

        Of course “we,” meaning the majority of the diablo community, were expecting it. Why? Because Blizzard said it would be in the game! Things sometimes change or go away during dev, (mystic, enchants, charms, talisman, item skillrunes, etc) but when Blizzard says X will be in the game, yes, “we” expect X to be in the game.

        Also, when the D3 fansite with by far the most traffic, and by far the most visited diablo wiki, is stiffed, while numerous “page 10 of google  returns” D3 sites get hundreds of keys, that’s an elephant in the room by any reasonable definition, and makes anyone with half a brain in their head wonder at Bliz PR’s motivations.

        Our priority is to inform and entertain, and we work hard to provide the only real, independent, honest, pro-and-con coverage of D3. The fact that we have the highest traffic of any diablo fansite makes it pretty clear that we’re serving up what most people in the diablo community want.

        I am always perplexed by people who visit this site, and then complain that we offer honest commentary on D3’s development, which sometimes means speaking critically, or even sarcastically. If all you want is PR fluff, why are you venturing away from Battle.net and @Bashiok?

        In conclusion, a word to your avatar– you can not has cheezburger.

        • Flux, you misread what I quoted. And no, I’m not trolling
          He said: “fat lot of nothing that we were expecting,”
          I did not expect a fat lot of nothing. Did you?
          And once again, I have nothing against criticism, and your posts are mostly good, but many other posters here are almost culturally prone to ridiculous “negative nancy” type criticism. The problem is not in the criticism itself, it’s in how the criticism is presented, and then tolerated by the mods.
          Go back to Rising’s statement.
          “it beats the fat lot of nothing that we were expecting”
          Seriously? ****ing seriously? You were expecting a fat lot of nothing from Blizzard? And ok, maybe you did. But do you really need to post this? How does this add to the discussion?
          And now look at the “likes” on that post. Yeah, this site gets a lot of traffic. Many excellent and competent and objective posters. And also it’s a haven for every kind of complainer and negative nancy out there who thinks they are better at game design than actual designers.

          • It’s for contrast. If I’m a “negative nancy”, then you’re an “oversensitive sue”.

            I could have said “fat lot of nothing” to contrast how excited I was to find this information in the patch (a statement which you wholly ignored, and then proceeded to drop two pages in MS word about your heartbreak).

            Check the wiki link (an updated entry which I myself wrote). Bashiok clearly stated that it was a “wishlist feature” which, in Blizzard parlance, meant it probably wouldn’t be in the game.

            I could have also said “BEEP BOOP BEEP IT R IN FIELS” because apparently I shouldn’t be able to pass the turing test that is your emotional standard. Get over it. 

          • Right, so justifying your (and similar) statements is going to make Blizzard realize about how wrong they were about this community.

            Or maybe, I duno, yano, try and not make statements like these, that bring absolutely nothing to the discussion? I know, hard.

      • Every article as I see here is very well ground written, and I dont even have to go to other sites where you can clearly see just copy/paste form of text.

      • ‘Blizzard delivers way the hell more than any other PC game developer’

        It will be March 2012 soon and we still have no release date.

        • Riiiiight, not like every blizzard game except maybe WC1 isn’t being played online every single date for like 25 years by hundreds-to-hundreds of thousands players all around the world, nooo, D1, D2, WC2, WC3, SC1, SC2, WoW, all failures, all long forgotten, yeaaaah, Warhammer online is the real deal yo.

  1. Yeah, as a primarily HC person I’m glad this will be included. Good to see we’re getting a decent amount of displayed data for our drunkenly misplaced characters. I’m hoping for something along the lines of a character selection screen type image with a ghostly hero dressed in the gear they died in. We’ll probably just get a thumbnail.

  2. I’m wondering why there is “AchievementPoints”, as if they were character specific.
    They are currently bound to the account in beta. Or is it simply showing how many achievement points you had at the time your character died?

    • Yeah this threw me off as well. Achievement Points earned with this character maybe?? Interested to see this system in action. I’m only a bit worried that it will have a crappy looking ui and all it will show is your character. I would much prefer some ghostly figure and a tombstone, also maybe a cemetery setting or something else that would indicate that this character has actually passed away.
      That being said, I very very happy that it will show what actually killed you and the dmg type!

  3. I hope we can store at least 25.  I expect to die quite a bit.  I have never been too lucky at finding items.

  4. That there’s a limit suggests that it’s not stored locally, which means that we probably get the chance to share our fallen HC characters online. That’s pretty cool.

  5. Glad that this is going to be inclueded.  While I didn’t play much hardcore in D2, I’m looking forward to giving it more of a go in D3 and I’m sure I’ll be populating my Hall pretty quickly.

  6. Never played HC on D2, interested to play some on D3, but purely for personal pleasure. Don’t really need anything of this info, but i guess it’s nice for those that solely play HC.

  7. Who is going to get through Normal difficulty prior to level 10?
    Perhaps they have changed their minds and we can create HC from the get go?

    • To play HC you have to first clear softcore normal with one character and then you can start a new char in HC from the beginning. You don’t get the choice to turn the first character you clear normal with into a HC char.
      Hall of fallen heroes sounds good.

    • Don’t think you understand how HC works. Once you finish normal and are allowed to make HC characters, you have to start from level 1 again. The softcore character you finished normal with will just be thrown away as it (and its items etc) can not be taken into hardcore mode.

  8. [rant on] Oh FFS, limited slots even for fallen heroes?  How much fookin space does it take to store a few frickin bytes per fallen hero, in this age of the Terabyte?  I also don’t like that it’s level 10 minimum.  Some of the most memorable HC deaths in Torchlight were ones that died early.

  9. Just because it’s in the datafiles does not mean that it WILL be in the first release of DIII, although it could be nice to have.

    I’d still prefer to be able to see the char in death, maybe like a semi transparent char, so you can see your gear, and still look like a ghost 😛

  10. Not to be the parade rainer, since I’d love this feature, but I don’t think we’ll see Halls of the Dead. As many other features as they’ve been cutting or streamlining as they rush for release, I don’t see this one getting in, after they said it probably would not a few weeks ago.

    Yes, new code relating to the HotD went in with this patch, but there’s a ton of stuff in the game code (and not necessarily in the beta code, since the beta is developed in parallel to the full game) that’s not going to be active in the final game.  At least not initially.

    If I had to guess, I’d say they’ve been working on and off on the HotD, and it’s partially-implemented, but not polished or fully functional. Hopefully we’ll get it in a patch at some point, rather than having to wait 2 or 3 years for D3X to add it.

    • This is true. I don’t actually know how much work would go into coding it or creating art assets for it, nor how much time that work would make.

      I do see it as a positive signifier that they appeared in the last patch, whereas prior, there was nothing about it. If they weren’t able to push it through in the pre-release cycle, then they probably wouldn’t be spending time on it when there’s other things to do. That’s my line of thought on it. 

      But, of course, you are correct in that it isn’t a guarantee. I suppose that all mining has to be taken in a hypothetical sense. 

  11. Wait, why is this site blacklisted from Blizzard? That makes no sense. I’ve been coming here for years and it’s by far the most honest and informative site for Diablo information. Did Blizzard ever say why?

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