Have a Very Merry Treasure Goblin Christmas

It’s that very special day in that very special time of the year, when we get to act like everyone’s favorite Diablo 3 creature, the DiabloWikiTreasure Goblin. Or, as his friends and admirers call him, “Treasie.” (Treh-zhee.) Whether you’re carrying the sack ‘o loot or waiting eagerly to delve into it, enjoy your day and try not to emit that most annoying chuckle as you score your real life loot.

tumblr_m4pys0AOH91rvlvp3o1_500In the spirit of the event, here’s a bunch of cool Treassie images I’ve been hording for just such an occasion. As you can see in the screens, he’s really a very cool looking little fellow, with his reptilian face and glowing mouth and eyes. I sort of notice that in the game, but I’m usually too busy hunting him down with murderous intent to really enjoy the visuals. That’s got something of a parallel to little kids and nicely-wrapped presents, come to think of it.

One last thing on the Treassie… when you score a legendary from him, it feels like a present. Like a gift selected especially for you. Monsters and chests and other sources of legendaries feel like spoils from a battle, and true, Tressie is basically just a giggling Resplendent Chest on two feet, but somehow his playful, non-lethal nature makes his drops feel like offerings.

And perhaps they are? The game lore says that Tressies serve the Demon Lord Greed, but that’s obviously human propaganda since the greediest entities in Sanctuary are the humans. We spend hours roaming the land, massacring demons purely to get the delightful shinies they drop, 99.9% of which we instantly discard for esoteric reasons that must be entirely mysterious to the demons, who clearly value all items equally, judging from the random assortment they seem to be carrying.

Thus the real lords of greed… are us! Merry Christmas.

This awesome life action Treasure Goblin movie deserves a repost with all the rest.

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12 thoughts on “Have a Very Merry Treasure Goblin Christmas

  1. Not sure why i thought about this, but FUCKKKKKKK what Jay wilson did to the d3 equivalent of the Cow Level. Farming in d3 blows so much compared to d2 and I never thought I would say that after doing 200000000000000000000 Baal, meph etc

  2. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Sadly, when I looked for my Christmas present from diablo.incgamer.com all I found was a lump of coal. Grinch!

    All I wanted was a podcast with Elly. I guess that too much to ask for.

    *Sigh* [Dator kicks the lump of coal]

  3. I’ve never noticed the Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-style huge mounds of treasure visible through the Gob’s portal as it forms.

    I guess that’s one small feature that feels just right in the game. Players usually drop whatever they were doing, and allow themselves to get beaten by mobs as they single-mindedly pursue the prize.

    • Ya its great, I really wished they had a goblin portal you could enter somehow. Strange they would kind of hint at their being a portal you could enter before release instead of flatly saying no none planned for release.

      I will be sorely disappointing if they don’t have a greed’s domain or portal to enter in the expansion. Looking back and thinking about all the possible theories people came up with to enter the Goblin portal brings some good memeories back. There were a lot of great theories and pileup of strange facts that lead to a possible secret level besides whimsyshire.

      Merry xmas to all you d3 lovers, haters, and fanboys.

      • I too hope that we’ll get to enter one of those portals in the expansion. My pet theory is that greed’s domain is really Gheed’s domain, where Gheed sits on a gilded throne, bending the TGs to his will through the evil One Puzzle Ring. 🙂

  4. They are hardly non lethal, most of the time they run right into monster packs! Of course you chase them because, yay, treasure, but maybe also death, and for HC, that’s bad.

  5. Why Koreans get exp/loot events and we dont get a goddam shit?

    Can some one explain?

    Because, if this is some kind of marketing to not improve D3 so we buy SC2 or WoW… well 100% fail with me, in fact im not ever buying another BLizz product untill i check other fellow players opinions.

    No more blind trust ever on this company.

  6. I think they are one of the best additions to the game. I also never noticed the loot on the inside of the portal, as I am usually trying to hit the bastard so his portal goes away, but I usually have him before he ever opens one. The gob is a little evil looking as well, which is pretty cool in my book. There are little touches in the artwork that are fascinating to me, such as a large amount pile of gold. Have you ever noticed the other things in the pile, like a gold shovel and gold ingot?

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