Harry Potter Banners Created in Diablo 3

A fan found a way to create Harry Potter banners in Diablo 3 that do a pretty good job matching the four houses of Hogwarts.

Hey everyone. I was messing around with different banner designs in Diablo 3 today and had the idea of trying to recreate the house crests/flags for the 4 Hogwarts houses in Harry Potter. I am actually pretty pleased with how these turned out given the different options that the game provides.
Vaeflare: I really enjoyed these banners as well! Very creative, and great job on them. 🙂


This is purely for the amusing visual; it’s not like Blizzard could offer any official support of another company’s trademarks in their game. But imagine if we had some guild system in Diablo 3? Harry Potter fans unite?

Well probably not…


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  1. Anyone associating Diablo to harry potter should be chopped up by the butcher and fed to ghom.

  2. Harry Potter ?!?!? LOOOOOOOOL !!! Puke!

  3. Well at least if fits in with the theme, magic and crap.

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