Blizzard continues to deal with the “no gear” bug and they are going so far as to offer some rollbacks to restore Hardcore characters who died due to the bug.

    We’re currently investigating an issue that’s affecting some characters, causing their items, armor, and weapons to go missing upon login. Although this issue is in most situations temporary and can be corrected with repeated login attempts, there are reports that some Hardcore heroes were lost as a result of this. For accounts which were specifically impacted by this issue, our Support team is investigating the possibility of providing a special one-time exception to allow for a rollback of the account, and subsequent restoration of the fallen heroes.

    To contact our support with the request for this specific rollback exception, we encourage you to create a ticket through the following support portal with ‘MISSING GEAR DEATH’ in the body of the ticket:


    Please know that the decision to allow such an exception is not an easy one to make, and that this is not a guarantee that we will offer the rollback to all accounts that petition us with this request. Only accounts which we can verify were affected by this missing gear issue leading to the death of a Hardcore character will be considered for these rollbacks. With that said, we do want you to know that we are continuing to address this issue, and ask for all players to be aware that the issue is currently ongoing.

    Your deeds of valor will be remembered.

    I haven’t seen this bug or heard anyone in the clan(s) complaining about it, so I have no idea how wide spread it is. I’m also not clear how anyone would die from it; if you log in and your character has no gear on, do you rush out into battle anyway, just assuming it’s a display error? Maybe in Softcore, but in Hardcore? (Update: As pointed out in the forum and comments, some nudists play with all their gear invisible dyed, and thus wouldn’t notice unless before battle, unless they opened their inventory.)

    At any rate, we’ve come a long way from the early days of Hardcore. To quote from the official Blizzard North reply to any and all HC death issues from Diablo 2:

    Note: Blizzard Entertainment is in no way responsible for your Hardcore character. If you choose to create and play a Hardcore character, you do so at your own risk. Blizzard is not responsible for the death and loss of your hardcore characters for any reason including Internet lag, bugs, Acts of God, your little sister, or any other reason whatsoever. Consult the End User License Agreement for more details. Blizzard will not, and does not have the capability to restore any deceased Hardcore characters. Don’t even ask. La-la-la-la-la, we can’t hear you…

    Do you guys approve of this new era of compassion and player support? Or do you pine for the “good” old days where not only was Blizzard not responsible for your deaths (even if it was their fault), but they actively taunted you once it occurred!

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