Hardcore player killing possible-kind of

It appears as if there is a will there is a way. According to a post on the forums players are able to trap incoming players in hostile situations. It goes as follows:

1.High level character creates NM/Norm game in Act 1.

2. Character grabs champion packs and elites and trains them to town.

3. Player enters into a house and makes game public.

4. Player AFK’s and watches players enter into the game to their demise.


This is possible due to the fact you have no control over the game you enter and towns are no longer safe zones. Until Blizzard ( and that’s a big if) fixes this that quest you choose to group on could be a friendly crew about your level, or a level 60 with a chip on their shoulder. For now it’s best to play with friends, and if your lacking those try our Hardcore forums!

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    14 thoughts on “Hardcore player killing possible-kind of

    1. Thats hardly a BIG IF m8 🙂 will be fixed!

      Son of a whore and daughter of a wanker have spoken! 

    2. You know, I had someone do something like this with the Butcher, way back in Diablo I.  Since then, I have almost never played a public game.  Shame this sort of thing goes on, but sociopaths will be sociopaths…

        • The only way to be “more cautious” about it is to just avoid pub games altogether. Though TBH I think most HC players are doing that anyway.

    3. How do you choose to create a normal game as a level 60? I thought that it limited how far back you can go in difficulty as you level up.

        • You won’t do this in a normal game because nromal champs won’t kill new players fast enough. You’ll likely do it in NM as Hell champ wrangling could be suicide.

      • No limit.
        You can go to any quest on any difficulty. 

        Also, grammar nazi can’t help mentioning “your lacking those”. Mine lacking no be, mine friends do!

      • While you cannot join an already-created public game outside of your level range, you can ‘select quest’ and then ‘resume’ and then ‘open game to public’ on any quest at any difficulty level your character has already completed.

    4. So who is the mastermind that thought that having a starting area not being a safe place was a good idea?

      • I guess it the idiot in charge I supposed (If they don’t want town to be safe they need to add a few seconds of invincibility on game start, when in town).

        As for avoiding this well be ready to pop your defensive CD on game join and pray the mobs don’t kill you be for you can press the button.

        Oh and select all the good defensive passives you can before entering a public game. IE Near Death Experience for monk etc to count this lame ass stuff.

    5. hell, they better fix this, I hated PK’ing in D2. They talk so much about player and coop experience and having a custom PvP system.

      This should have no place in the coop experience.

      I also don’t see why towns cannot be safe. 

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