Hardcore hell? No problem!

It looks like DiabloWikiHardcore hell has been downed. All that leaves is Inferno. If these intrepid players beat that then my original guess is about 4 weeks off but then again so was my guess on Regular Inferno.

Check out the video here Warning it does contain spoilers since it is the final boss!

It is refreashing to see a Barbarian at 60 in hell and kicking butt to boot. Thanks to Chris for the heads up and good luck in Inferno guys!

How far are you in Hardcore? Are you suprised to see Hell cleared already? Let us know in the comments below!

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37 thoughts on “Hardcore hell? No problem!

  1. Impressive, Ive died countless times in hell on my sc monk. Haven’t really been careful though….

    • Indeed, very impressive.
      I am just starting out HC (lvl 24). SC is tedious and broken. HC is where it’s at! If you’re not convinced yet, you soon will be!

  2. I’d check the live stream, but I am still working on finishing the very end of the game – are these guys fighting the tough mobs, or are they “jumping” straight to the act bosses as team Method did?

    • Sadly we can not properly stream because we are not renowned yet, so the streaming providers limit the bandwidth which means no smooth hd.. =/
      You can not just skip stuff on hardcore, so of course we clear the areas. Sometimes retreating and remaking games on insane combos.

    • how exactly do you corpse hop in hardcore? Because that’s what Method did. You die and remake a toon every-time you run into a champion?…
      Very glad to see that hell was beaten. If someone managed to do it so soon then it’s definitely doable for more simple people too. Myself, I’ve had pretty bad item luck and have been farming NM A1 for the dozenth time hoping to gear up enough for A2 =\. Maybe I’m doing something wrong lol.

      • You…don’t corpse hop in hardcore. You play the game how it was meant to be played. Skillfully and carefully.

        • +1… people are complaining that some runes/skills are useless… well sure, if you never have to worry about dying, that negates a big part of the game design…

      • Thanks for the info Chris.  Good to hear! BTW NDIII, I was not referring to corpse hopping (of course!)  I was referring to CC + mob skipping – a doable tactic with the right group, and one that Method was using when they weren’t being pwned.

  3. I’m scared of the idiots on the bnet forums influencing blizzard.   Lots of them complaining that inferno is impossible and thats on SC to boot.  it’s been a week and they expect to be able to cruise thru it.  They don’t understand the concept of farming to gear up.

    • I do think some certain factors could be tweaked a bit. That some mobpacks are just unbeatable is also not fun and thus a negative inpact on playexperience and that is something Blizzard is trying to stop. 

  4. What kind of gearing are you using to keep melee viable in hell? Heavy vit, dps, or balanced? Any need for resists?

    • Stacking vita like crazy, and the rest into dps. We have now started to change some gear for more all resistance stuff. But hard to find all res items with vita and dps.

  5. Congrats guys.
    I thought it would be quite a bit longer before anyone came even close to Inferno HC.

  6. “The Barbarian kicking butt”? Is this a joke article or something? The Barbarian gets his ass handed to him against virtually every random champion/boss pack in Hell+. Fighting Diablo is nothing in comparison. Let’s face it, Blizzard can’t balance shit even if their lives depend on it.

  7. Sadly I agree. Melee are completely screwed. Inferno just highlights the problem. Not one Barb can even dream of scratching an ACT II yellow or blue mob, much less kill it.

    I’m Act II in NM with my HC Witch Doctor. Last night there were about 30 of us total about that level playing. Shockingly low number but that’s another story. Softcore hero’s cannot even THINK about doing Inferno as melee, so obviously any talk of HC being in Inferno is just skipping to the act bosses. As everyone says, show me ONE video of a BARB not dying in 5 seconds or less to an Inferno Act II yellow or blue. Heck even trash mobs cannot be handled by Barbs.

    Personally I just love the game, but now I realize that is because I’m still in NM and a hybrid ranged class to boot. You have to just come to grips with that fact that until something is changed, there will be no Inferno for HC (or SC for that matter if you’re Barb), past ACT I. Any videos or talk of it is simply act bosses which are easy as pie.

    I have a level 16 Barb in HC that I wanted to run, but really it would just be masochistic to do so!

    I’m pretty bummed when I realized this, but I can still enjoy the game through Nightmare.

    There are threads over there 50 pages long, some of which i’ve read in their entirety. As  have been proven there is NO farming that can make Inferno ACT II doable in any way shape or form for melee.

    As soon as the Force Armor rune gets nerfed, that will be the end of Wizards in Inferno too.

    • I’m doing inferno on my barb atm, had to rethink my build and farm some gear, but it’s very doable.

      Not in act 2 yet, and I heard it’s alot worse, but act 1 is going pretty good.

  8. I died at act 2 boss with my WD, level 24, because I didn’t even play in sc, so didn’t have any idea about the skills, attacks received or so.
    Then I did a Barbarian hc and just finished the normal difficulty. No deaths yet with Barbarian.
    Currently starting nightmare.
    Ps: playing alone all the way, from start to now.

    • look at the video 
      the builds for all 3 chars are in the description   

      the gear is obvious
      its the same thing everyone else is doing : vitality + primary stat (in this case, strength) 

  9. First of… congrats on a job well done. Six years of DII, of which five were HC, have taught me to respect those first kills. I tip my hat!
    Second… thanks for finishing off my last desire to play Diablo III. Diablo looked like he was wearing high heels. My poor Diablo.

  10. Not surprised, in a balanced team it’s not as hard as it seems (although I’m surprised I’ve survived the lag, there is not much room for error when fighting uniques). I can’t stand SC simply because of the play style, HC is the only way to play the game the way it was meant.

    Someone asked about builds, and it’s pretty much vit stacking that is the go. Wish there was some more variety possible, but oh well.

  11. Yeah. Method did not beat inferno. They skipped 90% of it. Elite Mob Packs are harder than bosses IMO.

    • They bypassed monsters 
      so what ?
      if you were a cold sorc in D2, didn’t you just bypass the cold immunes ?
      and didn’t a lightning sorc bypass the lightning immunes ? 
      didn’t every party want a member that had teleport so that person could hop around and find a waypoint so the party could skip entire floors ?  
      They did the same thing everyone else has been doing in D2 for years 

  12. \If these intrepid players beat that then my original guess is about 4 weeks off but then again so was my guess on Regular Inferno.\ you used the wrong \then/than\ you meant than, a comparison, not then as in afterward.  

  13. Monk is a very reliable class. Bumping one res and taking the resist passive works great in hell

  14. Them doing that makes me depressed!
    I hate SC, if I could only play SC then I’d probably stop playing in about a week.
    But still being stuck in Norm Diff HC and they finishing Hell Diff makes me feel utterly pathetic 😥
    Next thing I’ll hear is that Blizz are going to make it even harder because it was done  🙁

    • No worries, inferno will take a very long time to clear. Were trying out act 1 now, and its insanely hard in hardcore, since we cant die.

  15. Up to a level 48 Witch Doctor in Nightmare Act 3. About halfway through act 3. I’ve lost three characters so far, but learned just like in Diablo 2 to pump vitality and damage. Nothing seems to have really changed in playing hardcore, just the execution is different. Also half of the Witch Doctor skills are useless.

    Sometimes abbreviations are overused.

  16. Good job.Oh think wig my next I’m gonna have to grouP through hell. Lost a 55 witch doctor last night soloing hell.

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