One of the most popular features in the early days of Diablo II was our old Hardcore Graveyard. It’s purpose was simple; to erect monuments to the fallen hardcore characters, their inscriptions chiseled by the players who had all-too-briefly known and loved them. Hundreds and hundreds were submitted, about 150 were posted, but the gravediggers could never keep up with the bodies, and the section eventually fell into disrepair.

    Happily, it’s now returned, and it’s open source, so you guys are free to bury yourselves in the image gallery, and talk about it in the new HC Graveyard forum. See the intro post in that forum for more details, and have fun six feet under.

    To get things started, I’ve posted 41 shots/captions from the old graveyard. These are almost all from the days of D2C, pre-expansion, and looking through them is quite the trip down memory lane. Thrill to the days when level 40 was high, when MSLEs were instant death, when unattended waypoints and town portals were instant death, when Necromancers suffered the Afterlife bug, when De Seis’ minions were casters, and the whole game was generally a great deal more difficult than it is in v1.11. Not that we expect that little detail to prevent you guys from throwing some fresh meat into our virtual potter’s field.


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