Hardcore Graveyard Confirmed for Diablo III

No, it’s not actually called that, presumably since we’ve had a Hardcore Graveyard gallery and forum since 2001. But something similar is coming to Diablo III, perhaps in response to the endless requests from HC players for some such system.

The info comes via the EU B.net forums, from CM Vaneras.

We have plans to create a Hall of the Dead where your can view your deceased HC characters, and you will probably also be able to view fun and interesting statistics about them.

Dead HC characters will not remain in your main character list, though.

As I (and others) said on that Diablo Podcast I linked to, this is a great and very needed idea. Especially with the very restrictive 10 char maximum in D3; there’s no way you could leave any dead weight on your account. No matter how much you enjoyed looking at that Clvl 59 ghost Demon Hunter while thinking what could have been.

The statistics thing is cool, but my dream function, which I don’t expect to get, would be a way to see how they died, up to and including a video of their last moment on Earth Sanctuary. What do you guys think? Finally a new feature to give Hardcore players some excite?

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  1. Hell, it’s about time.

  2. This is awesome!  A short clip of the death would be PERFECT.  that way you could have some bragging rights if you died in some ridiculous unstoppable way.

  3. so i guess this confirms that hc ghosts will stay dead. no “pay to revive” scheme. thumbs up for that.

    • Anybody who believes that option was ever on the table deserves to be punched in the face. Even with some rambling from Bashiok (there’s a reason he’s a CM, not a developer, you know), that option was so obviously never thought about.
      There’s a method to what Blizzard does, which services they provide for money and which they don’t and people who lack the brain capacity to see which is which and start spreading rumors because Blizzard actually released another thing that you need to pay for and they are now officially a money grabbing whore company, really tick me off.
      Thumbs down for you… damn can’t.

  4. none of this should be a suprise to anyone imo.. they know with 4 classes (currently) thats 8 max for hardcore/softcore if u want 4 of each.. 2 spots left isnt much breathing room there so it makes sense they will not make HC chars that are deceased take up character slots, also because of the inevitable addition of a new class eventually. But news is news and its still something.. NEW! 😉

  5. I’d love a video/screen of the character’s final moments.

  6. I wonder if one of statistics would be the a measure of the latency or ping at time of death.  Then maybe I would stop hearing about the high lvl character that died from lag instead of just being stupid.

    • Great idea. The number of D2 HC players I knew (who played very recklessly in MP games) who blamed lag for their every death = statistically improbable!

      Though I’m sure people will just say, “well I got a lag spike and that locked me up, and by the time it dropped back to 150ms it was too late to escape.”

    • Another statistic should be “Esc/Quit, forgot about timer” deaths. Or TP/timer deaths.

  7. While the “Death Moment Video” would be nice, its unrealistic to have a feature like that, something would have to record you playing the whole time either making you lag ( if it was done by Battle.net ) or slowing your hard drive (if done by your own machine ),and then just erase what was recorded every 5 minutes, now imagine that being done for tens of thousands of players at the same time or even worse, imagine playing with fraps on the entire time while level 60 HC in Inferno.

    • Leauge of Legends replay (Supported but not released by Roit Games) records the info between your PC and the servers, allowing recording that I’ve never had effect gameplay with no hacks I’ve seen, suspected or heard about. Seeing as most of Diablo III seems to be server side anyway, maybe it could be a possibility.

      • True, but LoLs nature is very competetive, thats why replays are kind of a necesity. On the other hand, Id love a feature like that.

    • Perhaps, but they only need to maintain a few seconds of video – not archive a whole play match like Starcraft.  Since all clients report to the server, this can easily be accomplished through server-side monitoring without affecting gameplay.

    • It wouldn’t actually make a video, just record monster and character movements and recreate it when you watch the replay. Like SC2 replays, only much shorter.

  8. In the ol’ NetHack games (the grandpa to Diablo!!), where “hardcore” was the only mode you could play, your deceased characters could very sporadically be found as ghosts haunting the levels where they died. They’d try to kill you and were often hard as hell to kill but if you managed, you got all the loot that char was wearing at death. It was AWESOME. 😀

  9. Sadly, this would confuse noobs in D3, and is thus unthinkable.

  10. I never played HC in DII. Too chicken, I guess. However, I might have to give it a go with DIII, just to say I did. And hey, with a sort of shrine implemented, I could then revel in the glory of my sucky gaming skills with my dead level 2 character!

    On a more serious note, has there been any word on how “death by lag” will be handled in DIII? That’s actually what kept me out in DII, until I just went strictly offline single-player.

  11. Also, can you use your dead HC characters to post on the forums?

  12. Just gotta say, Flux’s “dream function” would make every hardcore player jump up and down and shout “YYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!” Watching a replay of your favorite character would be gut-wrenching, but at the same time, fantastically hilarious.

    • That’s why I suggested it. Would be fun, or at least interesting, to remember that way, and maybe you could upload to YT.  I wished for this with any number of my dead D2 HCs, when I thought I should not have died. Felt I was getting away, or middle of a battle suddenly hps vanished without apparent reason. Lag spike? Bad luck? Desynch?

      I’m sure I would have studied fatality videos like the Zapruder film, trying to see where things went wrong.

    • That is true as long as your graveyard was not full of rushed lvl 1 toons killed by kicking a barrel in Nightmare. 😆

  13. Especially because of the 10 characters limit, I’m glad this is coming.

  14. I’m really glad Blizzard listened and is putting this in. This small stuff goes a long way.

  15. Would be interesting if Blizzard had some sort of automatic epitaph system.  Heck, all they would need is “Lost Connection”, and “Hydra”, and 3/4 of the epitaphs would be done!

    What would be really neat is to be able to visit other players graveyards.

  16. This is the best D3 news I’ve heard in a while, though I’m kind of dreading seeing my lost list of dead HC characters pile up.

  17. Great feature, I hope they come up with more features like this. I wonder if dead characters will show up on the “armory” and if you can view stastistics of dead characters there. It would be fun to see the statistics of characters you manage to kill, assuming there will be permanent death in any form of PvP combat :]

    Even better imo would be some PvP “log” ingame where you can see a history of characters you have managed to slay along with some statistics of your victims.

  18. I like the proposed feature!

  19. Why didn’t they wait until Blizzcon in a few days?  It’s not like they have anything else to offer (they don’t do they?  Do they?!).

  20. Both the ideas of Flux (last 5-10 secs before death) and the other guy (dead hc chars remain in the realm/world and spawn, if you kill him you can loot all the stuff)

  21. I think there won’t be videos of the moment of death.. sadly.. because of the needed storage.
    But a screenshot graveyard gallery with some data e.g. level, hp, played time and ping ( 😆 )… maybe also something like “show equip”… sounds adorable for ppl like me, only playing hardcore.

  22. I’d love to see a short clip of your death… I’d suggest that the clip of your death could be stored client side, the downside being that when you switch computers you loose it…

  23. I wonder what the fun and interesting stats will be..

  24. I would like the game to record the “closest calls” of HC players. There could be top3 list of how close you were of dying, like this:

    1. Normal, Act 2, HPs LEFT: 8 [show or share video]
    2. Inferno, Act 3, HPs LEFT: 32 [show or share video]
    3. Nightmare, Act 1, HPs LEFT: 55 [show or share video]

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