Diablo Brawling: Hardcore dueling possibly Fatal?

deathA few posts are coming up on the forums showing that it may be possible to die while Duelingbrawling. Apparently if you have any bleed effects or dots on you as you leave the chapel they can carry over to the real world, where death is permanent. Also if you take fatal damage right as you are hitting the portal to town you aslo may find yourself dead. Check the thread here.

This bug has been on the PTR and it looks like it decided to show up at launch. I imagine those who hastily jumped into brawling yesterday found quite a shock. I too stepped in to try it out, but thankfully walked away alive. I’ve wanted a system where dueling could lead to permanent death but it needs consent, nothing worse than losing your character when you didn’t think a risk was involved, or even consider it a possibility.

Obviously this just requires you to be a little more diligent when preparing to leave the arena. Looking at your health, and any debuffs you may have. Perhaps we’ll see a spike in builds that cater to this type of damage as a PK build. It’s not ideal and I know we can all be in a rush at times but this may literally save your life. So to quote the immortal Ice Cube “Check yo self before you wreck yo self”

Update: looks like a hotfix is on the way!: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7908401099#13

Have you experienced this? Will this dissuade you from brawling for a bit?

Update: Though it wasn’t soon enough for some unlucky souls, Blizzard hotfixed this Hardcore continuing damage bug in the Diablo brawling arena just hours after it was discovered.

Fixed an issue where certain damage effects were not being removed from players when exiting the Scorched Chapel
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13 thoughts on “Diablo Brawling: Hardcore dueling possibly Fatal?

  1. Did Blizzard even test their own mechanism? Or was this purposeful but they just “happened” to neglect the existence of hardcore players? My bet is they never tested the mechanism, I mean, how could they after such a length post about how it’s “Brawling” and not Dueling or PVP. That must of taken them a good week at least.

    • They depend exclusively on things like PTR to uncover these issues and do the quality testing for them. I’m confused as to why the hardcore PTR “BRAWLAHS” didn’t uncover this issue. Was hardcore “BRAWWLIN” not an option on the PTR? Did hardcore players just not even bother? I’m surprised that some hardcore players trusted Blizzard by running their character through this rushed and relatively untested system on launch. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

      • Out of the maybe 20 or 30 duels I did on the PTR, this bug did not happen.

        Did not spend extended time on PTR because finding a great item that wasn’t real would of been very annoying.

  2. What happens if you leave game dead from the pvp area? Safest thing now would to just logout from duel games to prevent this.

    A fix would be to make to make tp function differently. Make it take a few more seconds to cast, where the last couple seconds make you invulnerable and remove all debuffs.

  3. As of a year ago, even if it was apparent that Titan was vapor and all the other IPs would simply be shinier versions of stuff from the 90s, B still had a bullet-proof reputation in terms of QA.

    How things change.

  4. Shit happens.

    Everyone who decided to make HC char DID READ the pop-up. UNDER NO circumstances will chars be revived be it lag, bug, glitch, exploit, cheat, server issue or whatever.

    If you didn’t read or thought otherwise than such person is naive;p

  5. Haters gonna hate, but don’t be a douche about it. They’re just saying, “We consent to hardcore perma-death in PvE, but not in you’re rushed, untested system, nine-month-late add-on.”

  6. this issue was reported while ptr was up, numerous times and there has been a blue post about it weeks ago. now they just did nothing about it.

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