This is a reminder that today is the day we reform our Hardcore clans on the Americas server; the numbering system wasn’t working for us. We are opening a new set of three, IncGamers Hardcore East, West, and North so coordinate with your friends as to which one you join. There is no requirement for joining either and initially membership will be wide open but as they fill up we’ll be accepting people with some HC paragon levels under their belt or sponsorship from another member.

    The US North is already set up so look for IncHCN. At around 8 PM Eastern time IncHCE and IncHCW will be set up. There’s an ongoing thread in the Hardcore forum which Zappafan is keeping on top of. Of course the cap is still 150 and when the existing clans are disbanded those places will be quickly taken so don’t dally if you want a spot.

    Also a note on the IncGamers Community channel on the Americas server. Unfortunately, when Blizzard set it up they set it to English (British) language so it doesn’t come up in searches if you’re searching for us. You need to actually change the settings from the default English to the English (British) option for us to show up.

    We have emailed Blizzard hoping they will fix it for us but they haven’t responded and as the option to change it ourselves is broken it’s stuck like that I’m afraid.

    Update: All new clans are now live. IncGamers HC East, IncGamers HC West, and IncGamers HC North. Try searching for “IncGamers” if you’re having trouble finding them; the B.net clan searching tools aren’t great. Be sure you have “English” as the language also.

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