Many people have raised eyebrows at the addition of DiabloWikiHardcore Mode to the beta – especially if we were originally required to complete all of normal before starting HC. However, the level 10 requirement is a permanent change and will carry over to release. Yes, that means that the majority of the game isn’t spoiled as a hardcore player, as you can start over what is essentially the beta material for your first run of the game. How nice!

    The following was posted by DiabloWikiJay Wilson on his personal Twitter account:

    Is the HC option at level 10 a permanent change, or only for the beta?

    permanent change

    This topic was the source of another recent controversy, but the crisis seems to be abated – for the majority. It seems that there are a lot of last-minute re-considerations going on over at Blizzard, and it seems to be making a considerable amount of people happier about the game.

    Will you be a hardcore player? Do you feel this is a welcome change? Personally, I didn’t understand the normal-runthrough requirement to start hardcore and think this will be an exciting development for the HC community.

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