Hardcore Requirement Change Is Permanent

Many people have raised eyebrows at the addition of DiabloWikiHardcore Mode to the beta – especially if we were originally required to complete all of normal before starting HC. However, the level 10 requirement is a permanent change and will carry over to release. Yes, that means that the majority of the game isn’t spoiled as a hardcore player, as you can start over what is essentially the beta material for your first run of the game. How nice!

The following was posted by DiabloWikiJay Wilson on his personal Twitter account:

Is the HC option at level 10 a permanent change, or only for the beta?

permanent change

This topic was the source of another recent controversy, but the crisis seems to be abated – for the majority. It seems that there are a lot of last-minute re-considerations going on over at Blizzard, and it seems to be making a considerable amount of people happier about the game.

Will you be a hardcore player? Do you feel this is a welcome change? Personally, I didn’t understand the normal-runthrough requirement to start hardcore and think this will be an exciting development for the HC community.

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69 thoughts on “Hardcore Requirement Change Is Permanent

  1. So this is kinda like spitting in the face of all hardcore fans who are not in the beta?

    • I’m sure most hardcore fans are ecstatic from this news. Spitting in the face? What are you talking about?

    • Not really, you’ll be lvl 7-8 when you kill Leoric on live, then you’ll farm him once or twice to get to lvl 10. So basically someone who wasn’t in the beta will get to play up to the beta anyway before they can do a hardcore char.

    • This is not at all like spitting in the face of anyone. This is probably the best change they’ve made, and I don’t even play hardcore. Blizzard — GREAT COMPROMISE!

      • Bless your little heart for being understanding and reasonable about something that makes people happy, even if it doesn’t affect you. +1, kind sir.

    •  Considering that the beta characters will get wiped anyway, and the majority of HC players are likely to already know everything about the beta, or at least that SK is the first boss because it’s been in the news everywhere, how so?

  2. Well I’ve never been too much of a HC guy, but I’m looking forward to it in D3.  Especially since it will be so easy to go to from the start.  I think that if it’s going to ramp up in difficulty like they say it’s going to, it will make it all the more challenging running HC.

  3. Seems like a good compromise to me. Getting to level 10 is a snap and you won’t see much more then you hadn’t seen in the beta by then. The hardcore crowd can’t really complain about not being able to see the game on their terms now.

  4. I very occasionally played HC in D2, but perhaps with this change I’ll be playing more HC in D3 🙂

    • Because having to level to 10 (60, 1, 33, whatever) to unlock a mode that should be available at the start of the game is retarded, that’s why.

  5. /reroll HC 😮

    Now all we need is another chunk of act 1 maybe even the pvp arena for testing into the beta “Never going to happen” but with surprises like this you never know.

  6. Wow.  Unexpected.
    Next: We’ll be able to play offline.
    …Yeah, I know.  Too good to be true.

  7. Good change, but it seems almost as silly and arbitrary as the old restriction. Why make someone play 10 levels at all? Don’t get me wrong, it’s the right move, but 10 levels doesn’t teach you anything. What’s the purpose? Strange.

    • 10 levels may teach someone who has no clue what’s happening on the screen. 10 levels should be enough for that person to grasp the concept of a softcore death. Once that is established, the Hardcore warning screen will make sense.

      That’s how I see it. 

      • I feel like a level 10 requirement is more arbitrary than a full clear.  It’s like they’re trying to hold on to SOME restriction for the sake of having a restriction.  

        Someone that doesn’t understand or grasp the concept of a Softcore death probably shouldn’t be playing Hardcore yet anyways.  Anyone who as played a video game before will have probably lost or died at least once before, so I don’t really see that as a good rational.  

        At this point, it should just be available from the start.  I’m not even arguing that because I want to play that way – I intend on playing Softcore normal for all 5 character classes and Softcore Inferno on at least one before I ever decide to play Hardcore.  I understand how Hardcore could be appealing to some, but the thought of losing all that hard work doesn’t much appeal to me.  Once I’ve really enjoyed everything else that’s available to me, I’ll certainly play Hardcore.  

        Even with that in mind, I thought it was sucky for players who are interested in playing Hardcore to have to wait, but made some sense.  

        Now, they just need to strip the restriction for good.  I think they’re just sticking their toe into the water instead of diving in head first so they can change their minds without a total uproar.  It’s the same thing they do in WoW – transmogrification is similar in that they have heavy restrictions that they’ll slowly ease off of so that they never have to realize a mistake and implement new restrictions.  Adding restrictions sucks, but if they’re there with the first implementation of a feature and they take them away instead, that feels much better.

    • Because generally, a player will not notice/care about the unlock. Then they will be connected to their softcore character, which is potential revenue for Blizzard.

      They will not allow HC from the start, ever, for this reason. 

      • @Barbarian
        True. Logical and understandable. They sure dont mind people getting attached to their softcore character in d3. But I dont believe this is a reason for Blizzard. I think they simply copied it from d2. Not saying I liked or even understood why they forced you in d2 like that. But there was no additional revenue reason in diablo2.

  8. This is the best news I’ve heard since the introduction of skill runes! Now we will be finally able to play the hardcore the way it’s supposed to be played = without knowing what to expect from each monster encounter from about Skeleton King onwards. 😀

    • You keep your gold. You keep what’s in your hardcore stash. Your artisens remain at whatever level they were leveled to. All you lose is your character and whatever items he had equipped and is in his inventory.

      • i think i might play the entire game as hc, see how long it takes me to max them all

      • Really?  I’m not in beta but you keep that much after a HC death?  Kind of soft HC eh..

  9. So hardcore players will have access to the RMAH after all, eh?

    edit: just read the patch notes, never mind.

  10. This change has done more to restore my faith in Diablo 3 than anything that has happened in the past 3 months. 

    • Hear hear! I really didn’t think they’d grant us this. Very happy to know my first playthrough can be HC!

  11. I’ll def play softcore first then give hardcore a shot. I like the concept of hardcore, but I don’t like the concept of devoting all my time to it, especially when playing a US-based game from Australia… too risky! I’d also hate to rock up in to Inferno for the first time, meet some insane game mechanic I’ve never before been aware of and kick the bucket straight away… but yeah, once I’ve given SC a good thrashing, there’ll definitely be some HC to be had – especially with the lure of achieves and banners.
    5 char types, 10 slots just begs for 5xSC, 5xHC imo! I also like that it’s now much more forgiving compared to D2 (no need to re-grind artisans, keep gold, can keep SOME items and still do effective MFing etc) while still being scary. 
    Fun times ahead!

  12. Some people are NEVER happy are they, it’s a good move and a good compromise, like people have said, in the retail game you’ll be at 10ish by the time you’ve cleared all the current beta content that you’ve watched I’m videos so the rest of the game is going to be new and challenging for all HC players (I’ll have one as an alt!). For the very new players it gives them time to become accustomed to the game mechanics before choosing hardcore. Good move :). 

    Also, I swear people are just on the whine train now for the sake of it! Be happy for once you miserable cretins! X 

  13. I can’t believe Blizzard gave in to the whines of these so-called “hardcore” players, I’m starting to agree with those slamming Blizzard for being a carebear.

    Play through entire normal, yes, but having to level a character to 10, it just doesn’t make any sense. Might as well remove it.

    • Whiners? Whatever dude. Blizzard gave hardcore players what they want, and it obviously has zero effect on you, so don’t be a douche.

      But no, the level 10 restriction doesn’t really make sense because if it’s a casual player and they want them to go through the tutorial (level 1-10)…yeah they probably aren’t going to play hardcore. 

      Beats having to unlock it in normal.

  14. Hey guys at this rate whats next? New skill interface? Robust chat channels? Clans? Create your own games / private dueling? This change gives me hope people.  Not fake Obama \hope\, but real things are changing hope.

  15. they keep coming out with change after change after change, iteration after iteration of gameplay, at this point i think they are just changing things to appease us while they delay the release for another 6 months

  16. Can someone post what happens when you die on hardcore?  Will your deeds be remembered?  Any hall of heroes?

  17. Finally!  I much rather get to level 10 quick than do all of normal.  Thank you blizzard!

  18. I like this change. It is a way of discouraging HC unless the player really really wants to play it. If you make it available from the start, people who can’t really handle HC are more likely to choose it from the start and then get annoyed and stop playing the game when they lose their first character (especially if they get them high level first). They figure those sort of people are unlikely to abandon their level 10 character to start up in HC and hence are more likely to get hooked on the game and hence not quit when their second character who is HC eventually dies. On the other hand, a D2 HC veteran who is determined to play HC will at worst only be mildly inconvienced by the quick 10 levels of SC. Yes, it is a form of trying to hold our hand and saving us from ourselves, but I think that there is some justification for it.
    Perhaps level 10 is arbitrary, but I think it’s a good choise as it is a nice round number, it’s quick and easy to achieve and yet is enough to start to get people attached to their character, so they’re less likely to abandon them unless they REALLY don’t want SC.

  19. Still can’t create a HC char (required to complete campaign in normal mode), anyone else has the same problem? Even tried to kill Skeleton king and still no go.

    Quick observations:
    – new skill and rune unlock levels
    – new passive unlock levels (passives now go up to level 55)
    – Bola shot explodes instantly on destructables
    – way point is now at the start of Royal crypts (before the 4 pillars fight)
    – teleport has new icon (or at least background)
    – gold drops are almost doubled (might be just my imagination)
    – options like elective mode are now remembered after closing the game
    – some new options like Social and Account (Region selection, AH currency, Locale selection)

  20. I guess there were too much crybabies so Blizzard couldn’t resist and do this change.

  21. Yay, haven’t been this excited about D3 since august or so when the beta was starting and release just around the corner 😉 Which is a bit sad, but it just feels amazingly nice to get some good news after just getting bad ones for I don’t know how long.

  22. Awesome! … I just know I want to play HC diablo ASAP; so like many people have said – least this way the story wont be ruined when Im doing a full run through and can take my time and enjoy because honestly – rushing through as a softcore character just so I can play HC and thus basically skipping the story will negate some of my play experience.

    I feel as if Im starting to look forward to this game again (after all the repeated changes)

    oh ya HC is the only way to play diablo btw …     

  23. Great change obviously, I wish they would have gone the full distance and allowed HC from the start but this is alot better. I wonder if this is a planned marketing strategy, 5 years of appealing to grandmothers with 95% of the changes and right before release they throw some bones to Diablo veterans.
    💡 Maybe someone important at Blizzard has realized that the RMAH alone isn’t enough to keep people interested, there needs to be a good game around it. I just hope it isn’t too late to fix the game.

  24. It doesn’t make much sense to me why blizzard even bothered making us first get to level 10 First but whatever… I’m happy  

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