Some challenge not accepted dude dripped doom and gloom over the prospects of mortal heroes triumphing over Diablo III’s newly-revealed DiabloWikiInferno difficulty level. DiabloWikiBashiok begged to differ, albeit in much kinder terms than I would have chosen.

    Well if inferno is truly a lot harder then hell, and with the slogan of the game “you will die” hardcore people wont really have a fair chance in beating this part of the game, or at least going to end up dead and mad. (Specially with boss instant kills)

    Maybe this is a incentive to play softcore?
    Bashiok: We don’t have any plans to restrict or change the game difficulty for Hardcore characters.

    Surviving the challenges thrown at you by outplaying them is the entire point. Hardcore characters that take on Inferno and survive will be granted cosmetic rewards for their efforts.

    How about it, DiabloWikiHardcore aspirants? Does the prospect of bigger and better monsters on the Inferno difficulty have you quaking in your strappy, spike-encrusted sandals? Is it too scary to face something that might actually, you know, try to kill you?

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