Hardcore Can’t Cut it in Inferno?

Some challenge not accepted dude dripped doom and gloom over the prospects of mortal heroes triumphing over Diablo III’s newly-revealed DiabloWikiInferno difficulty level. DiabloWikiBashiok begged to differ, albeit in much kinder terms than I would have chosen.

Well if inferno is truly a lot harder then hell, and with the slogan of the game “you will die” hardcore people wont really have a fair chance in beating this part of the game, or at least going to end up dead and mad. (Specially with boss instant kills)

Maybe this is a incentive to play softcore?
Bashiok: We don’t have any plans to restrict or change the game difficulty for Hardcore characters.

Surviving the challenges thrown at you by outplaying them is the entire point. Hardcore characters that take on Inferno and survive will be granted cosmetic rewards for their efforts.

How about it, DiabloWikiHardcore aspirants? Does the prospect of bigger and better monsters on the Inferno difficulty have you quaking in your strappy, spike-encrusted sandals? Is it too scary to face something that might actually, you know, try to kill you?

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31 thoughts on “Hardcore Can’t Cut it in Inferno?

  1. Don’t really understand the guy’s complaint here. The whole point of making something harder (hardcore and inferno both fit the bill here, and they’re both “optional”) is so that it is harder.  And it sounds like yet another misunderstanding over those special boss animations.

  2. With no PK, a mob of 4 crazy-ass Hardcore players should be able to take just about anything down.  Hell, I remember reading a thread where naked hardcore players killed the ubers in D2.  Anything is possible.

  3. You know, people that complain about this piss me off.  Going into Hardcore, you know what your getting yourself into.  If you can go into inferno-H and kick ass, I say big props to ya.  I’m definitely a wussy compared to these guys.

  4. I fear no Inferno!!!

    I’ll be giving it a shot (after first testing the waters with my SC dude)…

  5. The only thing I’d be concerned about as far as Hardcore goes is lag.  Even playing a solo-game, there is bound to be lag, and if you get a lag spike at just the wrong time…well tough luck for you.  If I knew that I died because I suck, thats one thing, I can learn from it and improve.  But lag spikes are something else.
    The saddest part is there is no good solution for this. </3

    • Yeah if you played HC in D2 you would die.  At least that was my experience.  Some deaths were lag, some were my poor judgement and some were mods that showed up in an unusual combo that took me by surprise (I guess that’s more poor judgement, huh).  🙂  I still had a level 99 zon and many other high level characters and many of the best items in the game, but still even when I had “mastered” the game things would sometimes go wrong.

      I’m a little worried about playing with my crappy PC if it’s extremely difficult.  The game may require faster reactions than my computer allows.  I’ll definately play SC first.  The whole reason I played HC in D2 was boredom with SC – so if I don’t get bored maybe I’ll stay SC in D3.

  6. I am going to hit inferno with all I have and then some with my HC toons.   I think the cosmetic item is something on the banner.

  7. Sounds like this guy didn’t get the memo that D3 is going to be too easy.

    Seriously, though. Is he really complaining that everyone who tries should be able to beat the game at it’s most difficult challenge? There’s no more race to 99, so this will be the biggest bragging rights in the game (that we know of). Guess this guy went to one of those schools where everyone got a trophy.

  8. It’s so easy even a caveman can do it! We’ll dumb it down so the whole world feels unique together. 🙂

  9. Waaah the game is too easy and dumbed down.
    “OK, here’s a super hard difficulty”
    Waaah the game is too hard, now nobody will play hardcore.

  10. I’ve been looking for a real HC PvM challenge in Diablo for, oh, 10 years? Bring it on.

  11. Diablo 2 was increadibley easy for me on my Hardcore toon. This is a big welcome to me and I am very excited. I’ll probably stay in Hell for a long while though to build up my gear set to the best possible before walking into inferno, I expect to die, and to die quite often at that. The way i see it though, is it’s gonna add loads of replay value!  Cannot wait any longer!!!

    • I’m a hardcore player and I also enjoy the addition of Inferno. Having a difficult and near impossible level gives you something to achieve. Being in hardcore only means I’ll lose several chars in the attemp, but that’s what hardcore is all about ^^

  12. Really? Really? I really hope hard core is unabled from the get go, so i don’t have to play alongside people like that kid.

  13. I for one will be really looking forward to this difficulty level (HC only).  Not sure about the boss 1 hit kills; but hey sounds like a blast to me.
    And ya – anyone whom complains about D3 being too hard for HC; shouldnt be playing HC they should be playing softcore and leave their whining there.

  14. I dont know much about hardcore since i wont really play it, but i still hope, praying hard, that it is not gonna be mission near-impossible to go thru inferno alone (is it too much to add in “on all diff characters”?). 🙂

  15. Will Blizzard be able to prevent cheaters from “resurrecting” a backup of the HC character on a hardrive/keydrive when said HC character dies?

    • The game will be running on Blizz servers. It will not be possible to resurrect dead HC character

  16. Is the \cosmetic\ in the blue post really a typing error? Because if it isn’t, inferno would not be worth it. Only when items with better stats drop you could make a \risk Versus potential gain – assessment\ and decide if it is worth it.  I think Bashiok didn’t make an error, and there will actually only be cosmetic items to be earned, in whatever form.
    If you think about it, a clue lies in the fact that there won’t be a RMAH in that level. Because, if there was, items with no intrinsic value (i.e. luxury goods, or cosmetic items), will be sold for a price MANY MANY times higher than items with actual value from the lower levels. I think (wild guess, but in my opinion its a low estimate) that about 1 in a 100 D3 players will risk their character’s life on Inferno AND manage to obtain some items to put on the (virtual) virtual real money auction house. So when, for example, the most expensive item (with intrinsic value) on the (real) virtual RMAH costs 50$ (low estimate?), an act 1 Inferno, luxury cosmetic item, would be around 5000$, purely because so much less people play Inferno. Drop rates etc. not yet put in the equation. Such unbalance in any economy, (non-valuable items EXTREME expensive, and valuable items at ‘normal rates’), would be absurd and a guaranteed quick collapse of the entire ‘system’. Actually, this is pretty much the same problem as we see now in the real life world economy: people tend to make irrational decisions, buying more than their income allows, and on items we basically don’t need to survive (i.e. gold, rolls-Royce, gadgets, etc). Big difference is that our real life items DO have a value, because of the raw materials they are made of.
    Thus, to make a long story short, my guess is that Inferno will only provide cosmetic items and this was not a typing error. 1st because of the non existing RMAH on inferno (if they could have, they would have), 2nd because of the level raises every expansion will have, making level 61 items worthless again, and thirdly Blizzard does not want 99% of their player base seeing incredible items they will never obtain, which will result in players quitting D3 more quickly, ultimately (rather sooner than later) leading to the downfall of their RMAH in soft-core. around which D3 is build. And which makes Real Money. Not virtual and not in loans, but real life actual credit cash money. 
    One word of advice to Blizzard: Don’t convert in-game gold to dollars. just use gold as a currency. worth a lot more nowadays.
    p.s. I know my 100×50$ is 5000$ sum is too simplistic, many more variables will come into play. Normally these further increase scarcity (most important one is drop-rate) though. The problem is obvious still. People are irrational, but not THAT irrational. Or rich. Still, there will always be a few who do buy it / risk death without reward, but they don’t earn Blizzard their money. With no AH. Expect not too much from Inferno I would say. Above comments seem overly enthusiastic. 🙂

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