Hardcore bosses: Embrace the fear

Kotaku posted a great article on Hardcore boss fights, not about strategy but about the thrill they bring.

Hardcore bosses are a new beast by comparison to D2. Each fight is a two men enter one man leaves scenario. Which has kept me even more on my toes before entering into something I can’t get out of.

Bosses in Diablo 2 could kill you, but chances are you always had an escape plan. A well placed town portal, a quick alt-F4, or just running away to safety. Diablo 3 takes all of those options away. Town portal becomes disbaled once you click agree, there is a ten second logout timer, and once you enter into the fight with the boss there is no going back.

As a result I’ve been more and more hesitant to go into a boss fight, and have felt a great sense of accomplishment when I came out alive. The scenario from the Kotaku article is one that scares me most though. So far I’ve played in a few public games and have found that very few people are in the mindset of staying together. Frequently I’ve found myself widdling away at monsters solo while my companions were busy checking their inventory or skills. As a result I’ve had to wonder if it was worth it.

Bosses can be a killer and if you’re in a group and people decide to not pull their weight, they may have just signed your death notice. I’m not saying I havn’t had some good public games but right now as people are still feeling their way through the game it’s been rough.

Overall bosses in Hardcore have been great. I played my first time through Normal blind, so the only boss I knew the mechanics of was the skeleton king. Having to figure out how the boss works, while trying to stay alive was challenging, but I was happy for the experiance. Even now with bosses I feel nervous and underprepared when I walk in, and have had my life saved way too many times by DiabloWiki Spirit Vessel , but each time I walk out alive I do feel like I triumphed.

Ultimatley I think your best bet is to rely on people you know love the game and can help. There is a great thread on our Hardcore forums looking for people to party with. Try these folks, kill some bosses and get some loot.

How have bosses In HC been for you? Anyone you dread or fear? Or are they a cake walk?

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21 thoughts on “Hardcore bosses: Embrace the fear

  1. As a softcore player, I have to take my hat off to you masochistic mother luckers. Good luck in hell-inferno (I die every single play through in hell). 

    • Agree with this, can’t imagine a melee toon beating inferno right now. Now that I think of it, even defeating hell would be a heck of an achievement. You sir must have stone like balls.
      Just a thought. Champion and rare packs are a thousand times more deadly than bosses, whom you ultimately know their tricks in advance. Good hunt bro 😉

      • Maybe a full Defensice Monk stacked with Vit like the dude in Diablo kill video, he had 70k hp ._.

        • Yeah monk is the one class that it looks the easiest to get high defence on (at lest on paper) due to his resist X becomes resist all and dodge -> armour passives.
          Though I have to admit the WD get out of death free card (every 90 secs) passive is great.

    • Me too. I’m far to prone to temper tantrums to play HC.  Hats off to those who have the stomach for it.

  2. I got on 4 am launch day, leveled a softcore barb to 10, went hardcore and have not turned back. Died at 16, 46 and I’m back up to 49. My butthole puckers every champion/elite mob pack, not so much boss fights because the mechanics were learned in normal mode. Champion and Elite packs are the unknown, worst scenario I have been in was frozen waller champ pack and a molten arcane elite pack together, whole party had to run, tried to go back but ended up running again. Even at 40+ and only in nightmare act II… still scarry / deadly.

  3. Currently at a level 43 Hardcore Monk.

    Just killed Belial in Nightmare, and it was truly frightening when I was pinned to a wall for a moment, and then barely saved by the potion button becoming active again.

    I’ve gotten to level 90 hardcore in D2, and I can already say that D3 hardcore is much more difficult and exhilarating. 

  4. I never thought of it but people declining a boss fight after you have accepted could be a griefing tactic.  I don’t recall…if someone declines after you have accepted do you get an opportunity to then decline?

    anyway, I will not be so quick to hit the accept button from now on!

    Also, not having any RL friends (that play D3), I play public games fairly often and find quite a few people who want to work as a team. I have seen a few ppl soloing in a public game and get chewed up by a champion/rare pack. Not for me.

    • I’ve had people not accept and you do get the opportunity to decline.

      It leads to a very awkward state where you don’t know what the others have chosen for their second choice. So let’s say you are in a group with Abel, Barry and Calliope. You, Abel and Barry all accept, but Calliope declines or times out. You will then get a second dialog telling you that someone declined and asking if you want to continue. The problem is, you have no idea what Abel and Barry are choosing for this dialog. If you and Barry hit OK, you suddenly find that you are 2-manning a 4-player difficulty boss.

      My advice, if someone declines or times out, decline the second option every time. 

  5. I tip my hat to those playing D3 HC, I could never do that. I guess I’m what you’d call a \baddie\ at video games, the Act 2 boss killed me roughly a dozen times, almost half of those times after I backed off to grind levels and items a bit. He has a certain move (if you’ve played him you know) that is just pure evil and almost unsurvivable. As the barbarian, in normal difficulty I frequently got overwhelmed when I least expected it, and during a certain quest in Act 3 I got killed repeatedly by suicide goblins and skeleton archers that took me a long time to figure out how to handle. And then there’s \fire chains.\  *shudder*

    • I know what you mean…I am not very good.  In SC I started dying all over the place in Act 3.  My goal is to just beat normal on HC. I have no aspirations to take a HC char to lvl 60; it would probably give me ulcers if I tried. HC is a ton of fun though…it gets your heart pounding.  You should at least try Act 1 HC it is a thrill entering the butchers chamber

  6. Also imagine, that you are playing in dedicated 4 player group of players. The boss is wreaking havoc and you know that you can’t all get out alive. So best you can do, is to sacrifice one player while rest logs out with 10 sec delay. Hardcore mode is something else in D3 with all the new mechanics, and I think Inferno (or even Hell) for that matter will be beaten by dedicated few percents. Everyone else will just fall short once they hit end game. No more alt + f4 or quick portal to save you this time.

  7. to not be spoilerific so I’ll just say I don’t look forward to big A in act 3 hell difficulty with those pools. I’m 54 Barb and if I’m running with folks sometimes there’s nasty overlap with the pools. (currently only just past the skele king though in hell)
    definitely the biggest thing holding back any real progressions is the rare/champs. Arcane/frozen/Jailer anyone? Thank god for wrath of the berserker

  8. …. or they could have just left the game.
    Or does that not affect the ongoing fight’s difficulty?

    • This is what I was thinking. I’m sure the reviewer isn’t experienced enough to understand, but him and his friend sitting there “cheering on” their barbarian friend is messed up. If they left he would have probably been fine.

  9. My moment of excitement so far came against Act 2 boss with my HC Wizard (normal so far).    I was doing ok, i knew I was going to have to pot soon.  Pressed Q, nothing…WTF I think.. Look at Q and there are 0 potions.  I’m thinking, shit, I know I have the lesser potions.   Well, I’m a noob and didn’t realize you had to drag the damn lessers to the Q icon. 
    I got VERY lucky.   I killed him with what must have been 10-50 health left.  Didn’t get to see exactly as I dinged on the kill. 

  10. Yup, bosses are very intense.  For example the first miniboss in A4 caught me totally off-guard and nearly cost me.  Of the 4 act end bosses, I think act 2 is the most challenging.

    Every boss fight still gets my heart racing.

  11. I personaly find more difficult the packages of monsters with affixes than main bosses, personally, in hc.
    They’re really fun, anyway.

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