Hardcore Banners no Different than Softcore

If you’ve been following the game for a while (and I assume you have been) you will remember the reveal of the DiabloWikibanner system. I haven’t been spending too much time fine-tuning my banner, but I did notice something was missing: My skulls!

 This was confirmed by Jay on twitter:

Can’t get a reply from Jay. Where are the hardcore banner customizations that have been shown for years?

They were cut. We didn’t like the look of them in main menus and couldn’t see them well in the game.

A small change on the grand scale but now I know to stop looking for them. What do you guys think?

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30 thoughts on “Hardcore Banners no Different than Softcore

  1. They sad that they want to make Hardcore characters look as awesome as possible. Now they looks as awesome as SC ones – seems there not possible to meke them “more awesome” than that)) 
    Anyways, for now we cant showoff our HC characters that much on the battle.net or beyond.
    Have to wait for D3 Armory with char profiles and stuff. Some benefits to our avatars in Community forums would be nice 2…

  2. Doesn’t bother me really… it’s a design problem more than “how they look.” If your HC mode banner gets some skulls at the bottom denoting its hardcore, then that means everyone’s hardcore characters get skulls (so big deal). If they show up when you’re in normal mode, then everyone will probably have skulls on the bottom (as anyone can make a level 1 hardcore character). 

    So what we really want is a way to add cool bonuses to our banner that show we have made significant achievements in hardcore mode (which already exist – level 10 and level 20 hardcores get some banner mods like backgrounds/sigils/etc).

    Personally, I’d love to things like the hanging banners on the side (achievements tally) and the PVP topper upgrades down the road. More ways to customize your banner is great, I think… just the general idea they had for skulls at the bottom of the banner just for having a hardcore character didn’t make much sense to begin with. 

    Or did I misunderstand the original intent behind them? 

  3. This is a major game-breaking issue, and certainly needed to be posted on the front page.

      • I guess he wanted to give his opinion? If he doesn’t click and comment, no one will know his opinion. Just as I do here now.

  4. Hardcore is so hardcore when you have to play through “normal”, lol. What a waste of time.

    • This game isn’t built for hardcore, dying in the real parts of the game (hell/inferno) means you have to go and grind through piss (normal).

    • Uhmm you DON’T have to play through Normal…. Look at the character creatin screen again.

      • I didn’t buy it because of normal mode, are you saying you get to start from a different difficulty?

        • i think that cozmicc is getting confused between “Normal SC” and Normal in general

  5. I’m happy with the banner system as is, my hardcore achievements won’t go unnoticed.

  6.   They cut a lot of features that were promised. What’s a few skulls at this point? 🙄 😉

  7. My understanding is that all the banner “rewards” have been cut, not just hardcore.

  8. I am annoyed that no visual, easily recognizable representation of Hardcore achievements really exists at the moment.

  9. I miss the old bnet from D2, where you could see everyone’s avatars who were in chat. Banners are no big deal to me… but the chat interface is such a big downgrade.

  10. Who cares about those banners? I am not gonna waste time replacing a horizontal stripe with a recently achieved very epic vertical stripe :). Also, the HC banner has no e-peen value, the only ppl that see it also have a HC characters.

  11. I believe the idea was that Hardcore achievements were going to unlock a variety of different bases for you to choose from (instead of just all HC characters having skulls automatically or something). However, they cut ALL the bases (and side banners and toppers).
    Just toss them on the pile with all the other stuff they spent time and money developing and then cut out for no good reason.

  12. The absence of skulls isn’t a problem for me, I would even like to have a way to remove/hide the banner from the character screen.

  13. I actually am a bit despondent over the removal of this visual feature myself. Still it doesn’t effect the game all that much. Here’s hoping they add it in or something like it later.

  14. I’m not surprised. I kind of wondered when they announced it how it would all show up in game at smaller resolution.
    I do think it’s a little disappointing though. It sort of makes the banners pointless. Or even more pointless than they were already going to be. I almost wonder if they shouldn’t have cut the entire banner concept rather than just the added gewgaws (yes, I just wanted to saw “gewgaw”).

  15. This is so dumb, I actually was waiting for this feature 🙁 It seemed cool, and yet blizzard gets to yank it out again.  It seems EVERY cool thing that was put into D3 has had its balls cut off and served to us on a kids menu….. I still \like\ Diablo 3 but i’m not going to say anymore it was the best game ever. AC3 coming out this Winter will blow the socks off of earlier games this year so hopefully i’ll get everything I want in that game. Ubisoft hasn’t let me down on at least that part yet.  

  16. Who cares what it looks like in game, they could have kept it on the menu system and just put SOME of the eye candy on the banner in game. Its so stupid.

    Basically we whined and complained to have them release it and due to that, they stripped out all the cool eye candy….

    Just sad….. Maybe in an expansion they’ll be able to implement it… Just wait another 3 years. 

  17. The banner system is boring to be honest.   There is no way to differentiate achievements from your banner or knowing that this sideways stripe means you beat x.    I have kept a style that I have liked forever and now in act2 inferno but my banner wouldn’t tell you that.    When it was announced I thought it was pretty cool but now it serves zero purpose. 

  18. DIABLO 3 is one huge CUT! ty activison and the rest of dbags who now infest blizzard.

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