Happy Valentine’s Day from Blizzard

In traditional holiday spirit, Blizzard has posted a Lord of Sin Valentine’s day card for all of us “wow” our special someone today. While I know that V-Day may be more like “Single Awareness Day” for some, at least you can appreciate a card with Azmodan cuddling up against a nice, bloody heart.

Update 1: A second is also posted on the official site, showing a cuddly version of Ghom the Larder. – Thanks Mizantrop

Update 2: A third has been posted! I’m beginning to think that they had a handful of staff make Diablo-related valentines this year. Perhaps we’ll see some more.

Ghom kisses Diablo Azmodan's Heart

No day brings greater pleasure to the Lord of Sin than that of St. Valentine’s. http://t.co/R0CUBSGa We wish you all a good one.

Happy Valentine’s Day Incgamer’s!

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10 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from Blizzard

  1. Curious that they used “St. Valentine” instead of valentine’s day, but I appreciate the accuracy.

  2. Strange signature in the corner….looks more like a 27 on top of a 6… 27/6/2012!!! Release date I called it!

  3. I’m kind of surprised they showed one with Ghom in it. I thought they were trying to avoid spoiling anything at all before game release.

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