Happy Release Date Artwork

Inspired by the release date announcement, I created my first (and probably last) Diablo 3 wallpaper. It’s about as no-frills as any wallpaper could be, but sometimes simplicity is enough. Click to get it at 1920×1080.

Additional release date inspired works include this Mt. Rushmore of Diablo 3 by albertpalahi, and the Garfield comic by Bloat. If the release inspired your own artwork, let us know and we’ll be happy to share it with the community.

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29 thoughts on “Happy Release Date Artwork

    • Arghhh!! It only counted down 2 hours since i looked at it last!!!
      I CANT TAKE IT!!
      *shoots himself* 

  1. I actually like wallpappers like this..  Except for the “Pre purchase” and all that crap with the buttons.  Maybe just the box artwork and the date.

    • I looked and just saw a bunch of random celebration gifs from TV shows and cartoons and stuff.  Which are amusing, but all OT and non-Diablo related.

      Which pretty well sums up reddit, in my experience.

      • Yes, sorry. I did mean those animated gifs and wasn’t trying to imply that it was media specifically made for the release date announcement.  Just some funny stuff in there.

  2. I don’t mean to complain, this is an happy day, but why does blizz doesn’t give a beta key to those who buy a Digital Copy from them ? I think It would be awesome and help us in that “long” wait of 2 months ?

  3. Now would be a good time to announce the winner of the unofficial release date thread…and the fail-tastic losers, too. 😉

    • I put an update in the actual thread. One winner was precisely correct.  will put it on the news later today.

    • Um… you mean the opening cinematic? We already have the complete version of that…

      • I thought there was supposed to be something else linked to the classes. I can wait 2 months =]

        • Your going to have to wait, I don’t think they will show the character intro stuff at all.  Its just something your only going to see when you load up your character for the first time.

  4. I don’t like this cover, Diablo just looks like he’s made of burnt paper.
    And it’s too unimaginative. A logo would’ve been better.

  5. Personally I wish the box looked more like the fan made one
    But what do I really care I am getting the CE version.

  6. I’m usin it Flux!  It’s splattered all over my 27″ iMac display.  I took Amber Heard down for this.

    Please no one tell her. 

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