The Blizzard artists at Sons of the Storm have posted a happy new year’s message, and packaged it with a higher quality view of the purplish Diablo face artwork from the D3 box cover. The artist of that is DiabloWikiGlowei, and you can see the pic to the right — click it for a much larger view.

    Good Omens

    I kid you not. On the last night of the year, I had one of the weirdest dreams in my life. I was looking in the mirror and I saw a sapphire crystal shard had grown out of my forehead. I yanked it out and while holding it with my right hand, the stone glowed red hot. I woke up and checked if my head was bleeding. Then I laughed. That’s a good omen! Diablo III IS COMING in 2012!!!!!!

    Followers of the Storm, I wish you a Hellishly Happy New Year!

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