Happy New Year’s Diablo Face

The Blizzard artists at Sons of the Storm have posted a happy new year’s message, and packaged it with a higher quality view of the purplish Diablo face artwork from the D3 box cover. The artist of that is DiabloWikiGlowei, and you can see the pic to the right — click it for a much larger view.

Good Omens

I kid you not. On the last night of the year, I had one of the weirdest dreams in my life. I was looking in the mirror and I saw a sapphire crystal shard had grown out of my forehead. I yanked it out and while holding it with my right hand, the stone glowed red hot. I woke up and checked if my head was bleeding. Then I laughed. That’s a good omen! Diablo III IS COMING in 2012!!!!!!

Followers of the Storm, I wish you a Hellishly Happy New Year!

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7 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Diablo Face

  1. I call it bullshit, who’s betting that Glowei isn’t Pisces? I’m one, and I had a dream about 2.5 years ago that I was playing through an area that looked awfully like a differently laid out New Tristram………2.5 years later and I had to do that all on my own with the beta emulator. If I had sat to wait for Blizzard, I’d have never known what the game looks like in first person.

    there’s no release date, because it’s far too early for one, Q2 is my vote, because “end of Q1” is more or less Q2, because we still have to wait out an entire Q to get there, so it doesn’t really count as just 1. if it did, the release date would be something like in January or early February. end of March is pretty much identical to Q2

  2. I would say its all but guaranteed to come out this year. What quarter it comes out in is another story.

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