Happy Diablo 3 Anniversary: Bonus Magic Find and Experience

The datamined Anniversary Day special has been activated, and all characters in Diablo 3 are now rolling with a bonus to their Magic Find and Experience. These bonuses are exactly as if you had a permanent DiabloWikiFortune Shrine and DiabloWikiEnlightened Shrine, adding 25% bonus to both stats.

d3-anniversary-iconThe Magic Find bonus is 25% added to your total, and since it works like a Fortune Shrine it can exceed the 300% hard cap from Paragon + item bonuses. My Monk was running 425% in an MP1 farming game once I was fully stacked, when the usual max on MP1 is 400%. And I found eleventeen legendaries! (IMHO 25% is a pretty meek bonus. We’ve been waiting all year. Why not 100 or 200%?)

The experience bonus is better. Just like an Enlightened Shrine it’s granted on the Nephalem Valor + Multiplayer side of the newly-multiplicative equation, which and it adds to those and multiplies all of your EXP bonus from Monster Power and equipment.

The screens below show a brand new Wizard I made to test. She was sitting at 25% to Exp and MF on MP0, but when I restarted the game on MP10 she was at 25% MF and all the way up to +275% Exp, thanks to the 1.25% x 200% for the Monster Power setting. (I dinged to level 2 at the start of the zombie fight outside the town gates, and dinged to level 3 after killing two of the zombies in the Inn, putting her already a full level ahead of normal MP0 pace.)

Your character does not show a shrine bonus, just the special buff icon, so presumably you could double either or both bonuses by hitting the appropriate shrines. And then zoom zoom for two minutes of bliss.

Update: Blizzard has updated about this bonus, and there’s good news; it runs until next Tuesday, so you don’t have to sit up playing all night in a mad quest for Paragon 100. Quote:

One year ago today, the gates of the Burning Hells opened and Diablo III was unleashed onto the world. Since then, millions of heroes have been created, billions of hours have been spent in games, and trillions of demons have been slaughtered without mercy. We’ve grown and improved a lot since release, both as a game team and as a community, and thanks to your feedback, passion, and unquenchable bloodlust, we expect the next year to be even more epic.

To celebrate this milestone and the community that made it possible, we’re giving away free buffs! (Who doesn’t like free buffs?) Players who log in to defend Sanctuary between May 15 and May 21 will receive a 25% boost to their Magic Find and +EXP stats. The buff is only available while logged in to the game, but it will apply to all characters as well as stack with other similar bonuses — the +EXP bonus will stack multiplicatively and the Magic Find bonus will stack above the 300% cap!

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    28 thoughts on “Happy Diablo 3 Anniversary: Bonus Magic Find and Experience

    1. Nice.
      But…I’m paragon 100 and have enough legendary drops…shamefully all of them suck very very hard…so…once again, nice…but work hard, good and FAST with the next Itemization patch.
      With the new density the game is a lot better…imagine good drops, no AH mode and be able to tp between acts…its not so hard…

    2. I’m sorry, but no extra amount of MF/gold find will ever sway me to install and play this game ever again.

      • You’re like the psycho stalker x-girlfriend. ‘I’m sorry, but you may have gotten your act together, shaven, got a job, are starting university this fall and are attending AA. But don’t try and fool me, I’ll never get back together with you!’ And you posted this on their facebook wall on their birthday, assuming he wants you back. In reality having you was part of his life but he’s moved on and is genuinely better off without you.

      • Yeah, it’s kinda meh… although better than nothing.

        Can i haz expansion announcement pliz?

      • However, all it takes is a newspost about features of said very-hated game for you to crawl out from under your bridge and write a comment about the depths of your enmity.

        • Imho, this is not a very hated game, I would say it different. Its a game loved for lot of people who expect/want it to improve.

          If you hate a game, you don’t follow/post, you just leave it apart to rot.

    3. Most. Meh. Anniversary. Feature. Ever.

      Seriously, I can’t think of many things more underwhelming than this that would even take dev time.

      • I can think of a few things more underwhelming.

        Actually I think this is a pretty cool bonus, I’m not going to say no to 25% free MF.

        • I’m not saying no, but I find that time and luck are well ahead of MF on the “find cool/usable items” spectrum.

          I play all 5 characters who are at varying Paragon levels and MF on gear, and there’s definitely no real correlation between MF and the chance of getting something good. Sure, there’s an actual statistical correlation, but it’s so weak and insubstantial that it may as well not be there.

          • Overall I tend to agree. However, I’ll take the XP bonus any day! 50% or 100% would have been nice, but hey…at least it’s multiplicative.

      • “Most. Meh. Anniversary. Feature. Ever.” – obviously you didn’t get the in-game mail that celebrated World of Warcraft’s 8th anniversary … that was identical to the mail sent for the 7th anniversary, and so it referenced the wrong expansion.

        • Why? Why?! Now they will think about it and make 10 wallpapers! xDD
          I think this bonus thing is between a wallpaper and a nice santa goblin skin for Christmas.
          Btw…what a nice thing to follow this page…D3EU sucks so hard it we compare them xDD

      • ” Players who log in to defend Sanctuary between May 15 and May 21 will receive a 25% boost to their Magic Find and +EXP stats.”

        • Yeah that exact quote is ambiguous. Is it permanent? The language seems to suggest that you’ll get it permanently if you log in between those days and if you’re late you’re screwed out of it forever. Just in case, I’m logging in today.

          • It’s not ambiguous at all. Log in during these dates and you’ll get the bonus. If it’s not during these dates, there’s no bonus.

    4. It would be interesting to see players thoughts after a week of being grated maximum MF. Props to anyone who continues to strive for paragon 100 after that week.

    5. “IMHO 25% is a pretty meek bonus. We’ve been waiting all year. Why not 100 or 200%?”

      Have you really been “waiting” just for an anniversary bonus?

      In any case, I think that 100 or 200% MF for an entire week would be pretty crazy. This gives a nice little bonus to people who are playing but it doesn’t make people who can’t play right now feel punished for missing out.

      • A 200%MF righ now would be a HUGE error by Blizzard, because people would see their problem is not the lack of MF, rather the lack of a right itemization and development.
        Someone used to loot 2 legendaries per hour played would loot(not literally ofc) 20 legendary items, all of them worthless. In my opinion that would be the last push lots of people to quit aka lose hope.

    6. Getting those itemization fixes out today would have been the best gift of all, but I guess fixing Jay’s mess takes some time. 😛

    7. I would have given more for an “improves all your stats, damage, resists and HP by 25%” kind of buff. That would allow me to add an MP level or two, and also would just be way more fun.

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