Happy 21st Anniversary Diablo – Happy New Year

The original Diablo is 21 years old today (although it did come out before 31 December in some regions) and it’s hard to believe it’s been that long since it was released. Shortly after the Diablo release, Elly started this site on her own which makes diabloii.net also 21 this year.

It’s New Year’s Eve and so let’s raise a glass to Diablo and get ready to usher in 2018 which will hopefully bring some news of a new Diablo game. Happy New Year everyone from myself, Elly, Xanth, Holyknight, and the forum mod team!



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  1. You too!!!! It’s been that long and I still haven’t been able to move on without thinking about you…… My first and truly only love (in arpgs loot fests)…. Then again your sister/brother 2 was awesome…. And you’re strange step sister/brother with the warts is still kinda my thing…..

  2. Happy New Year. Thanks for the information and device you brought us, and cheers on more news on Diablo 2018.

  3. keep up the good work and thanks a lot!

  4. Happy New Year guys! Thanks for this awesome site! 🙂

  5. Happy New Year Elly, Xanth, Holyknight, and the forum mod team! You have done a fantastic job on this web-site. This day is our 21st anniversary (jan 5 1997) D1-D2&LOD-Hellgate London-D3. All the best guys from Nova Scotia, Canada.

  6. so why is diablo1 no free then today? so old now anyways

    • Because it doesn’t actually run properly on a lot of modern systems, which is why they removed it from the Diablo battle chest pack that has D2 + D2X + a guide in it.

      If they were to release it for free they would just end up getting support bombarded with “it won’t work, help!” requests and would require a bunch of engineering work to make it stable on modern PC’s, which isn’t worth it. Hence why they just did an event within D3 rather than anything with the original game.

  7. Happy New Year! Here’s hoping to a year which holds some positive Diablo based news. Hoping there’s potential for a D2 remaster TBA this year or maybe a snip of news relating to a Diablo 4…but probably not!

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