Hands-On RoS Demo from Gamescom: ZuggerZwang

A reader has provided an excellent hands-on report from his play time at Gamescom. The poster is ZuggerZwang and he got some play time on the Diablo console and on the Reaper of Souls demo. Check his forum post for the full report; here’s a quote about the RoS portion.

My first RoS play-through was in English. I explored as much as I could and didn’t make it through the final boss fight before my time expired. Nearly at the beginning of the demo were two golden chests. There were many more golden chests in general than in D3 currently. That may have just been a feature of the demo though. Monster density was lower on the whole than what we’re used to. However there were certain areas where I ended up completely surrounded. There was a good variety of monsters. I fought at least 5-6 different types.

The Crusader was very fun to play. Fist of the Heavens was great for casting at single enemies or groups and destroying barrels, etc. After a hit or two with Punish, I would cast Fist of the Heavens and move on and the lingering bolts from the rune would mop up whatever monsters were left. Falling Sword feels really powerful and reminds me of moves from arcade fighting games. It also would stun enemies on impact, so in combination with Shield Glare, I could keep bosses incapacitated for most of the fight and I managed to kill an champion pack without taking any damage. The character was understandably overpowered for the demo. I never came close to having any health issues.

The first part of the demo is pretty linear. After a fight in a cathedral with the first boss, I reached a city which I never managed to explore completely. I came across two events in buildings in the city. The first involved helping a reformed cultist clear some rooms of enemies and then finding a hidden room behind a bookcase that contained two golden chests. I found the second one in the German play-through so I don’t know what the context was. There was a woman who transformed into a large elite monster that dropped a bunch of items upon death. The town exited into a narrow passage filled with more bodies than the Butcher’s lair in D1. That corridor led to the final boss. Forgive me if I forgot an area or two.

During my two play-throughs I found three legendary items. Had I made it to the end in the first game, I would have found a fourth. Both bosses always seemed to drop a legendary, and the first boss always dropped the same unique flail. The second one had different drops. The guy playing next to me found a helm. I found a polearm. The name and stats were in German. I also found a pair of legendary pants in my German game from a non-boss encounter (sorry, I don’t remember if it was a chest, elite pack or event). I found nearly enough rare items each game to completely change out my original gear. All rare items that I noticed said ‘Account Bound’ except for one which said something like ‘Bind to account on equip’ and offered a warning box to the same effect before it let me wear it. I’m guessing this was one of those class-specific targeted rares mentioned in RoS presentation. I also found a new type of gem, a diamond (I think). I can’t recall its properties.

He’s added some follow up replies, so if you’ve got specific questions to ask about the demo throw them into the thread. BTW, we know from other reports that DiabloWikiDiamonds (in this demo, at least) provided Res All in armor, decreased cooldown time in helms, and +damage vs. Elites in weapons.

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11 thoughts on “Hands-On RoS Demo from Gamescom: ZuggerZwang

  1. ‘Bind to account on equip’ Wow, to me, thats new, and i like it…Anything that helps ‘fighting’ the AH i’ll support..

    • Bind on equip won’t help reduce the dependence on the AH by itself, though it would provide a way to remove items from the economy in SC. Better drops (that are BoE) would help.

  2. On paper,AH still has its uses and the days of playing the AH seems to be over.

    The mystic plays a huge part as you are able to re-roll the affixes to whatever suits your play style.

    HOWEVER, I think the gold cost to re-roll the affixes are going to be very expensive, to the point you have to buy gold from the RMAH.

    No way Bobby be giving up his Bobby bucks to us gamers.

    • Bobby is there somewhere, that’s for sure.

      I think we have every right to be suspicious about the expansion. In the end, 2-3 months before release, they are gonna have ‘meetings’ to make sure the game is ‘dumb’ enough, and that the dough is still flowing in from the AH.

  3. Will still know quite a few about the mystic. Josh said you can choose the affix but maybe you can only change one affix and that’s all… For instance, I was looking for a +AP, +AP on critical hit, +Int and buff on one particular skill. The auction house showed me 3 items (so rather rare), the best at 200.000 gold (cheap so I bought it). I am not sure the mystic would be enough to remove the AH…

  4. Bind on Equip. So simple, so easy, that they completely ruined the game by insisting that they didn’t need it. Probably just Jay, though. Ever since he was s-canned, the game gets better (mostly). Still don’t know what to make of Paragon. Instead of searching for gems or enchants, or completing quests or weird unique events, we’re going to grind, grind, and grind some more to click a little button 5 times. Oh joy.

    • What about Nephalem Trials, or Loot Dungeons, those don’t count sa weird unique events? I don’t know what you mean by “searching” for gems/enchants, since that sort of just happens as you play the game (you’re always searching for loot) unless you mean something like opening baskets in Kurast or killing the Countess 1000 times. If they get the new stuff right, it won’t feel like we’re just grinding paragon, as it does now. But it’s not like they’re not trying to mix things up here.

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