Phenix, one of the winners from our Blizzcon tickets contest wrote up a nice piece on you experience at the show and his play time on the Reaper of Souls demo. Here’s an excerpt and you can read the whole thing in his forum post. Be warned, I didn’t quote it here, but in the forum post there’s a spoiler about one of the funny/new/returning monster types you’ll see in some Nephalem Rift levels.

    First off I have played D1 and D2. The Diablo franchise have always been my favorite Blizzard games. So my whole time at Blizzcon I knew 99% would be on the D3 RoS side. I played a lot of the RoS demo. In fact its the only game I played at Blizzcon. Blizzards new games Heroes of the Storm and HearthStone were very popular at Blizzcon but those games do no interest me.

    Phenix with JoshMosq and Christian Lichtner.

    Phenix with JoshMosq and Christian Lichtner.

    …One another thing experienced was in bounties. My goal was to do all the bounties before the 20m demo time ran out. Anyway I used the Crusader and used the flame horse and healing passive skill to move fast through the game to complete the 5 bounties before the time ran out. I thought if I complete them I would get one of those sweet legendary’s they had as rewards. Which had amazing stats on them btw. So I skipped a bunch of mobs and rushed to just kill the one monster it wanted you to kill. I got all 5 with plenty of time left and was excited to get a reward.

    The full post is here, and yes that’s him in the picture, posing with DiabloWikiJosh Mosqueira and DiabloWikiChristian Lichtner on the show floor. One of the cooler things about Blizzcon is how all of the Blizzard devs can be found walking the show floor (though they’re often rushing between panels and interviews, so forgive them if they can’t always stop to chat) and how they are usually happy to meet and talk with the fans. DiabloWikiWyatt Cheng spent several hours on Saturday night just hanging out and chatting with fans at the “Meet the Blues” booth where many of the CMs were stationed, and he was far from the only one there.

    We’re interested in posting more fan write ups about their Blizzcon experience; if you’ve got one stick it in comments or the forums and we’ll give it some main page promotion.

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