Eurogamer has posted their Blizzcon, preview-style, hands-on D3 report. (I’d make a joke about “finally getting around to it” six weeks after the show, but um… yeah.) The article is a good general gaming site write up, though it’s lacking in anything “new” for the more hardcore fan. (That’s us.)  Here’s a quote:

    In Diablo, nothing must come between you and the ceaseless slaughter and looting, so Boyarsky’s job is to create a deep well of story and character for the game and then hide it ? or at least, resist any temptation to force it on the player. A good example is the quest log, which will offer your character’s take on events in their voice, but which you never have to open thanks to clear on-screen objective tracking and fluid vocal delivery of the salient points.

    The BlizzCon demo takes us into a haunted dungeon where a King once cruelly executed his own Queen. There are no cut-scenes or reams of text to explain this. Find and click on a lore book and the King’s voice will narrate his dark suspicions to you as you mow through crowds of monsters; enter one room just off the beaten path and you’ll see the decapitation played out for you by a theatre troupe of ghosts. It’s beautifully seamless. “It’s kind of an opt-in thing,” says Boyarsky, using a favourite Blizzard term. “It’s not like you’re sitting listening to someone telling you the story, it’s like you’re seeing something play out.”

    Thanks to FMulder for the tip.

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