This past week since the last watch we’ve had both Halloween and Guy Fawkes’ Day, celebrated with pumpkins, a Flux Diablo short story (which is full of excellence), new Diablo 3 calendar for November and of course, yesterday’s big fansite Diablo 3 Q&A session. Without any pause, however, the forums are still vibrant as a cluster of bee hives, with a lot of interesting topics popping up!

    Battle.net 2.0 Brainstorm thread

    • What’s a given Battle.net feature, and what isn’t? Help Bill cosby figure it all out!! (don’t forget to read our article on known Battle.net 2.0 features!)

    What will the Diablo community be like?

    • You’re all part of it, so what do you think? Gamekk thinks we’ll see an average age of 23. HippyBRAIN is quite negative on the other hand… Are they spot on or way off?

    Barbarians’ new Mana. What’s “Fury” anyway?

    • Konfeta started a thread about it, and if you’re in the least interested in the DiabloWikiBarbarian class, you should know a thing or two about DiabloWikiFury

    Weekly thread that refuse to Die: “I hate the witch doctor”

    The Wizard Knowledge & Guide Library [1st Edition]

    • Did you miss this thread? You just can’t do that if you’re in the least interested in the DiabloWikiWizard! Sorceress moderator melianor is flexing his Wizard prowess!

    So how do we bring Big D back?

    • This is a very important question. DiabloWikiDiablo is likely coming back. Join Claymenza’s thread in the Story/Plot forum.

    On another note; Happy Birthday perplex and Evah!

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