Halloween Events in Diablo III?

A fan asked if we’d seen any seasonal in-game events in Diablo III, and got a, “What is this, WoW?” reply from a CM.

With Diablo 3 fitting in well with Halloween why not have a special Halloween Event? Have some new pets people can get, pumpkins around, maybe special monsters perhaps a pumpkin head monster etc.

Vaeflare: While we are constantly working to improve Diablo III, we have no plans to add temporary holiday-themed events at this time.

cant even give the barb a little santa hat and coat?
Vaeflare: This effect can easily be achieved through the careful application of stickers and Post-it notes to one’s monitor. πŸ˜‰

They’ve already given the barb a little Santa hat, in the Xmas artwork from two years ago. And as you can see in the thumb above… it wasn’t exactly a fun and festive look.

The larger issue of this is one I’ve been interested in for years, though. I wrote an On The Drawing Board about it back in 2008 (with a 2009 follow-up) to explore the issue and see what you guys thought. There were hundreds of comments on the issue, and even a vote, thought sadly they got eated when we switched news scripts a couple of years ago. From what I remember though, a clear majority of fans did *not* like the idea of seasonal bonus content. Not for Xmas, not for Halloween, not for Easter, and presumably not for other holidays that have less iconic and obvious visual components.

Diablo II Expansion: Halloween wallpaper.

I found that feedback surprising, since many other RPGs (as detailed in that old article) constantly include holiday-themed extras and it seems to go over pretty well. I think most of us would find it annoying and stupid if the NPCs in town in Diablo III were suddenly wearing Santa hats and singing carols, but surely some holiday or seasonal stuff could be worked into the game, to give some variety or freshness, without completely destroying the illusion?

Or perhaps not. Most of you guys were against the idea back in 2008 and 2009, but at that point we all had delusional grand visions of the perfect gothic purity of the world of Diablo III. Now that we know what’s actually in the game (and have seen it all 5000x), does the idea of seasonal bonus content seem more acceptable?

Some suggestions; Jack ‘o lantern decorations in Bastion’s Keep, an Xmas tree in Tristram, Easter Bunnies wearing waistcoats and carrying watch chains in Whimsyshire? No? Well how about this? Around Christmas time, all the Treasure Goblins get a graphics update so they appear to be one of Santa’s elves, in a red suit and cap, with their sack of treasure more like Santa’s bag of presents, and as they run they drop golden candy canes and such, and any rares or legendaries they drop appear as wrapped boxes in your inventory, which you have to unwrap (identify) to reveal their contents. Best part; if one escapes through the portal (back to the North Pole, obviously, the true land of Greed) all their dropped gold still on the ground instantly turns into lumps of coal.

Would you like to see seasonal bonus content in D3?

  • 1) Yes, it would be awesome. (42%, 616 Votes)
  • 2) Maybe, but only if it was done very well. (26%, 379 Votes)
  • 4) No way. Never. Under no circumstances. (20%, 292 Votes)
  • 3) Probably not, since it would be done poorly. (10%, 150 Votes)
  • 5) No opinion / something else. (3%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,483

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33 thoughts on “Halloween Events in Diablo III?

    • Yeah, giving me the same error. I pulled the vote for now; you guys will have to express your opinions with words!

      • Vote is back up and Rush reset something, so it seems to be working now. Verily was math added to the debate.

  1. no. just, no. next thing we know, the siegebreaker is sporting tiny antlers and a big, glowing red nose. theres only so much a diablo player can take, and d3 has already distanced itself a lot from its gothic roots.. having something gimmicky like that would probably end in a lot of ragequits and less than festive words on the boards

  2. I really wouldn’t like to see “our” seasonal holidays reflected in Sanctuary. I havn’t read the books, but don’t even see indications Sanctuary HAS seasons. But even in Sanctuary there will be days people are using to flock together having a fun time and I would like to see holidays based on it’s mythologie, thus with unique rituals and meanings. If these holidays coincide with our “mundane” holidays is another matter entirely, but even there I would prefere the actual days beeing derived from the inner mythologie of Sanctuary rather than beeing based on reallife-“events”.

    • Seasons? Hah! Sanctuary doesn’t even have days in D3; it’s always unchanging day or night in each area, and no one ever sleeps or rests. I suspect a medieval Matrix-style simulator.

      • You’re right there. But also from game to game there’s no indication of seasons to find. If there are seasons in Sanctuary, each of the adventures seems to be taking place in (roughly) the same season.

  3. I just think this type of “extras” destroy the what seem serious gameplay of Diablo. Leave the seasonal events to other MMO. Diablo is just… diablo.

    • Sorry for beeing so late with the comment, but just seen the “other” before “MMO”. Sir, what are you talking about? I’m still viewing D3 as arcade-style action-adventure with rpg-elements. Not even as an ARPG (, as character developement is still missing completely) and certainly not as an MMO (, as the only linking element would be “online only”)!

  4. no thanks,wallpapers and a battle.net adjustment are fine. or if they really have to do it, do it only in whimsyshiire,, that part is meant for the lolz.

  5. They could patch in the Peanuts xmas theme music. Not necessarily for the theme but just so that we have some actual music playing in the game.

  6. I would LOVE a season special, especially for Halloween or Christmas, nice fun holidays. easter.. not so much.

  7. I don’t mind the idea of an updated wallpaper…but see no need to include content in the game. As someone else said – put that effort into improving enduring aspects of the games (i.e., items) rather than gimmicky temporary extras.

  8. “This effect can easily be achieved through the careful application of stickers and Post-it notes to one’s monitor. ”
    Yeah. When i play your game, i always stick some legendary and set item screenshots on the monitor. So funny… I’m so thankful.

    • Actually, I find the cm’s comment pretty funny. Given your character stays in the same place on screen you could add your own santa hat pretty well with a sticker.

  9. as others have said. Just no.

    Also the OP mentioned pets that people can get? Does he actually play D3 ….

  10. The resting flux is done during the off hours and the travelling between acts. and when you complete quests getting that cutscene.

  11. Diablo, ARPGs and almost all other games are linear, timed and closed worlds. It’s like adding Santa Hats for a game like Limbo just because it’s Christmas.

    It makes sense in MMOs because they are 24hr ever expanding living worlds. They have concepts like society, economy and real time. You almost “live” inside an MMO, so it makes sense to have seasonal festivities and real world influences inside it.

  12. Generally, I would vote for no seasonal bonus stuff in game, but the treasure goblins are silly enough already (silly, but irresistible to hunt down and explode) that I like your idea of dressing them up as elves and giving them presents to drop. I like the coal idea as well.
    My only stipulation would be to have them drop higher quality loot for the time they are in season. -in effect, better presents than ‘socks’ or ‘underwear’. πŸ™‚

  13. I suppose a not-too-childish version of Halloween in a Diablo game could pass as borderline acceptable. Including Easter and stuff would be as stupid as ornamenting the landscape with rainbows and … oh wait …

  14. Thank god tthere won’t be seasonal things in d3. The game should remain as dark as possibly. There is no room for crap like halloween.

      • Have you seen Halloween these days? I was in a Rite Aide the other day, on the Halloween aisle, and it’s just amazing and depressing. Not a single thing in sight that could be considered even remotely frightening or unsettling. All Disney characters and smiling skeletons and funny cute witches and such.

        The holiday has been entirely commercialized and desanguinated, with 90% cutesy plastic crap and 10% slutty costumes for the 1% of women who can wear them well.

  15. when did this forum became such an emo-hideout? I stopped taking diablo “3” seriously after bronyland, lighten up everybody, free new content is good content.

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