With Halloween fast approaching, it’s high time we announce our newest two contests. #1) Create a piece of Diablo fan art or a wallpaper, with a Halloween theme. #2) Brainstorm up a way that Blizzard could include some seasonal, Halloween-themed content in Diablo III.

    There will be one first place winner in each contest; those two will get their choice of a Diablo poster or Diablo 3 t-shirt (not on sale). Both winners and several honorable mentions in each contest will get a selection of Blizzcon loot—the super glossy show program, event-special press CDs, D3 stickers, tins of Diablo 3 “sinamints” and more. Entries must be received by midnight PDT, October 31st. Click through to see the full contest rules, deadlines, and details.

    The Contests
    #1) Fan art and Wallpaper contest. Entries must be Halloween-themed (how you do that is up to you), and set (in some fashion) in the Diablo universe. Entries must be your own work, and not have been previously posted online. Fan Art should be original drawing, painting, digital art, sculpture, etc. Wallpapers do not actually need to be wallpaper dimensions; we’re just allowing it so that people who can’t draw can enter the contest too. “Wallpapers” may use existing Blizzard/Diablo art, including game screenshots, but you must modify them in some way to make it Halloween-y, if you want to win.

    You may enter up to 5 pieces in this contest, whether wallpapers or fan art. All entries must be uploaded to the contest folder by midnight (California time: -700 GMT), Halloween, October 31, 2008.

    #2) Dream up an interesting way the D3 Team could include some seasonal Halloween fun in Diablo III. Special items, quests, monsters, levels… let your imagination run wild. There is a lot of fun Halloween stuff in WoW, where it’s called Hallow’s End. Check that wiki page to see what the WoW team has come up with, so far, but don’t let those ideas limit your Diablo III brain storming. Don’t write us a novel, but go into detail—we’d rather hear specific ideas for how say, special Halloween masks would fit into the world, work in the economy, function as more than mere novelties, etc, than read a bunch of short ideas that haven’t been thought through.

    Submissions can be pure text, or may include images or other forms of media to persuade the judges of their validity. You may only submit one entry to this contest (though an entry may contain multiple ideas). Entries must be emailed to Flux: [email protected] They must be received by midnight (California time: -700 GMT), Halloween, October 31, 2008.

    Requirements and Winner Selection

    Winners will be chosen based on the entirely subjective opinions of the judges. We’ll look for entries that are clever, inventive, well-presented, funny, scary, or all of the above. Content counts, presentation counts, extras count. Let your imagination run wild and have fun. We’ll select winners in early November and notify them by email and/or forum private message. Winners must reply to the email/PM confirm, and to provide us with a mailing address so we may send out the prizes.

    You may enter both contests, but each entrant is only eligible for one prize. If you’re super great and win in both, we’ll give you credit but someone else your second prize.  Entrants must be registered forum members of The Unofficial Diablo Site: http://www.diii.net


    We will pick one winner in each contest. A coin toss will determine who gets first pick, and that person will choose if they want the D3 t-shirt or the D3 poster. The t-shirt and poster both feature the official Diablo III logo, on a pure black background. These prizes are not available anywhere for purchase, and have only been sold at the Paris WWI and Blizzcon 2008. Both winners and several honorable mentions in each contest will receive a care package of various Blizzcon goodies, including the press CD, the event-exclusive Diablo III “sinamints” candy, a glossy Blizzcon program, Diablo 3 stickers, and more. (The Sinamints are actually good enough to be their own prize.Not the candy, which is awful, but they came in a sturdy metal tin about the size of a pack of cards, with the D3 logo on the front. See the tin in the photo to the right.)

    Good luck, and if you have additional questions or concerns, post them in this thread or email them to Flux.

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